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Experiments in soup

I've been making soup. And no, I don't think it's a good idea, either. Why have I been making soup, I hear you cry. Bugger knows. Or my mother does. One or the other. She's having guests tomorrow, apparently. More than expected. She doesn't have enough to feed them all on, so I'm making her some soup. Fine... She's having the guests, so I'm making the soup. I'm sure this makes sense to somebody. I've never made soup before, nor do I have the slightest idea how to make soup. So naturally I'm the ideal candidate. It's been an interesting experiment, anyway. So far I've got sweet potato, swede (I think it's swede), carrots, lentils, a shedload of tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, onions, cumin, paprika (I think) and apples. The latter because they volunteered. At the moment they're all diced and sliced (except for the lentils. Didn't bother dicing them) and are bubbling away in a big metal pot doodah thingy. Like a casserole dish, but way bigger. I have this vague idea that when it's all suitably soft I can liquidise it. Or something. We'll see, anyway. So far I've learnt that tomatoes find it highly amusing to spit superheated juice at unwary soupmakers (this must be a soup-only phenomenon, as I cook with tomatoes a lot, and I've never had them mounting sneak attacks before); that swede (if indeed it is swede) sulks if left to simmer for ages; and that cabbage isn't necessarily a great idea for a soup ingredient. Or probably I should have cut it up into smaller pieces. Anyway, like I say, we shall see. And if there's no Box Of Delights update tomorrow, you'll know that I've been arrested for poisoning somebody.

Oh, and cucumber too. Seemed to be quite a bit left in the fridge, so I chucked it in as well. I was sorely tempted by the bananas, but I thought that that might be pushing it. Didn't say "Hubble bubble" once, honest, though I may have thought it once or twice.


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