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Days Of Our YouTube

You know the really great thing about YouTube? Days. :) There is a wealth of clips of Days of Our Lives out there. It's wonderful! Now don't get me wrong; I know there's stuff on YouTube that's actually legal. BBC Worldwide, for example, has put some proper legally BBC stuff up there now, for proper legally viewing. This mostly seems to consist of Richard Hammond blowing things up, and hurrah for that. But it's not as entertaining as the very many clips of early Days. Or earlyish Days, as the bloody thing has been running since about 1965, and I only really start taking an interest from 1986. We just don't get soaps like that in the UK. Over here, a soap (except Emmerdale, for a while, when the Tates were still around), is a misery-fest of deaths, miscarriages, sobbing and adultery. There is, on the whole, very little kidnapping, almost no international intrigue, and - at least to date - no people with microchips in their brains to turn them into somebody else. Days Of Our Lives is an example of the sort of wilful silliness that the rest of the world can only aspire to. The UK has Pauline Fowler, twenty years of misery and moping. The USA has John Black, twenty years of... utter insanity. I know which I prefer.

Anyway, not that I've spent quite a bit of today watching some choice clips from the bizarre past of John Black. Oh no. Perish the thought. Well, okay, I might have done. Twenty years of guillotines, brainwashing, and strawberries and cream. And a bizarrely homoerotic relationship with an international mastermind. American daytime TV is a weird place. I can't see the BBC getting away with having Pauline Fowler kidnapped on a weirdly regular basis by somebody with a fondness for having her stripped half-naked and chained up in a dungeon. Okay, I'm going to stop thinking that thought now. Very, very quickly.

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