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*flop* I have been putting up my mother's Christmas decorations, delivering my mother's Christmas cards, and madly trying to get most of her wrapping up done, as there's a family get together tomorrow, and it's all got to be done by then. And, predictably, hadn't been started before today. That's enough Christmassing now for me. Can it be the New Year please?!

Oh, 2002. Still old peopling. Getting used to looking after my grandfather, who was actually very little work in actual fact. I never really knew any of my grandparents growing up, as they lived on the other side of the country, and visiting was an issue. I got to know him very well when we lived together though. He knew a hell of a lot. Could have done without getting the same three Naval tales over and over again though! It became something of a family joke after a while.

Excuse me, distracted. Dean Martin is singing. Not actually, obviously. Just on the computer. Why do I remember more of what happened in the 90s than I do in the 00s? I seem to have spent the last fifteen years bored out of my skull, and paying no attention to the world. Except the bits that are shaped like Doctor Who and the E Street Band. Oh! Queen's Jubilee! (The actual queen, not the musical kind). There was the Party In The Park, and Queen played (the musical kind, not the actual one), with the cast of their West End musical We Will Rock You. That was actually pretty fab. Most of the other acts were famous-for-five-minutes types, and I don't remember them, but Queen and co were excellent. And Brian and Roger played God Save The Queen on the roof of Buckingham Palace, because they're Queen, and they do things like that. Springsteen put out his The Rising album, and went out on the road with the E Street Band again. Was YouTube a thing then? I don't think so. I was still on sloooooow dial-up, but I have since caught up with masses of lovely footage. I love the music, obviously, but few things make me as happy as watching Mighty Max play the drums. :)

The Queen Mother died. That was sad. Royalist or Republican, I'd challenge you to think ill of her. Although admittedly it was hardly unexpected, as she was 101 and hadn't been well for some time. Dudley Moore also died, and that really was sad. He'd had some sort of brain condition, poor sod, and hadn't been able to play the piano for several years. He was an amazing pianist. People tend to remember him for the comedy, and fair enough, but he put out some excellent jazz albums too, with his Dudley Moore Trio. John Entwhistle, bass player of the Who, also died. And yes, drink-and-drug related, but what the hell, he was in the Who.

Creed and One Last Breath. I really fell in love with this song at the time. Bought the album that it came from, Weathered. Not bad, but this is far and away my favourite track from it:

The Calling, with Wherever You Will Go. I bought this album too. Pretty good, in general.

Puddle Of Mudd, with She Hates Me (not safe for work). Also bought this album! I must have been quite into music this year. Something to do with wall to wall Virgin Radio in my little night watch room at the old people's home, probably.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band doing The Rising (in 2013, but who's counting!):

And to close, a little Pete and Dud. Not musical, but if you want to see Dud being sodding amazing (and very funny) with his piano, click here.


Dec. 21st, 2015 07:17 am (UTC)
Well, I suppose if you were going to accidentally watch only one, you did at least get Hugh Laurie as well! And, no, ep1 is the pro-life terrorist, ep2 the infamous chip-fryer incident, 3 the embassy siege, so yep, you were late! Mind, much as I do like S1, I still feel it really gets going in S2, which barring two duff episodes (both featuring super-bright teenagers; I don't know why you would make the same mistake twice in only 10 episodes) is brilliant and also paces out its story-arc excellently, too.

Yes, if I think about Spooks, I may even manage more memories! *gasp* \o/ (I'm sure I was doing stuff with the rest of my life, though, at least sometimes. Certainly, I was stressing out over the book festival every autumn and not being able to breathe till a week after Gala Day. And I think 2002/3 was when I picked up the Family History again for the first time in about six years or so, and didn't put it back down again for at least another six years, so there was definitely some internetting and visiting of archives going on, too.)
Dec. 21st, 2015 05:24 pm (UTC)
The infamous chip-fryer, yes. "Spooks": Ten years of imaginative offing of its main cast! Isn't it good to have a hobby. ;) It's funny (and sometimes very useful!) how a TV show can provide a baseline to measure your life against, and how much it can help to bolster your memory!

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