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I doubled up these answers so that it wouldn't go on for thirty days. Well, that worked well, didn't it. I make this about day forty-five. Limping to its protracted conclusion, then, here's the last two questions!

29. Favourite non-romantic OTP

Adam/sword-stick. Although if I have to stick to humans, I suppose Adam/Georgina. She would like them to be a romantic ship, I think, but the very idea of that would horrify poor Adam. Georgina is only supposed to be about nineteen, so I can't think of them as a proper couple anyway, and they're not really supposed to be. Poor Adam is forever trying to get rid of her, although he's clearly a lot more fond of her than he lets on. If she were older, then maybe I'd think otherwise, but as it is, to me (and Adam!) it's strictly non-romantic.

30. Least favourite character

Adam's deadly nemesis, The Face. As a fan of The A-Team, I have a mild issue with the name anyway, but it would be a lot easier to get past that if he was a better character. He talks only in a heavy whisper, which I find very annoying, and he just seems altogether a bit naff. He's supposed to be Adam's match, but aside from managing to freeze him in a block of ice in the first episode, he comes across as pretty incompetent. He only features in the first episode of series one, but by the looks of things he was reintroduced as a recurring character in series two (of which only two episodes survive, so it's a little hard to judge much from them). In order to be Adam's great foe, he needed to be a lot more than he was, though. Possibly he was more - for all I know he was terrific in all of the episodes that were destroyed - but I can only go by the evidence that I have. Also, the fact that he's alive doesn't make any sense. He froze Adam as punishment, and in order to continue with his evil-doing with Adam out of the way; so why did he then just go freeze himself as well?! Really not sure that that bit was terribly well thought out.

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