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30 Days Of Adam Adamant #9

19. Best scene

I think I would probably choose an exchange towards the end of "Beauty Is An Ugly Word". The antagonist, Sinoda, is babbling on about the ideal world that he wants to create, and talks about all the failings of modern society. He tells Adam that he should understand, because he comes from a better time; whereupon Adam tells him that the world is only as bad as the eyes you see it through, and that, whilst the past might have its good points, it also has a whole lot of bad ones. I must admit to having a very low tolerance for the sort of nostalgia that yearns for that mythical 'golden age' when everything was supposedly better (and conveniently overlooks how much it wasn't). Adam is the sort of character who might very easily buy into that philosophy, especially given how often he despairs of certain modern traits and practices. To see him take such an optimistic, forward-looking stance is wonderful, particularly since it's the latest in a string of confrontations with Sinoda that are all very nicely done. In a series of neat ripostes, he extols the virtues of modernity, particularly in terms of freedom and quality of life, in contrast to his own, often darker days. It's a nice, well constructed scene.

Although admittedly it would have been quite a lot better for his health if he had just kept quiet!

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