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30 Days Of Adam Adamant #7

13. Favourite item of merchandise

I can has a sword-stick?!?!

There isn't really much in the way of merchandise for this show. It wasn't a big hit at the time, and it's not terribly well remembered. The theme song got a single release, and I very much enjoy that. Otherwise, I suppose I would have to go with the DVD set. It has a lovely booklet accompanying it, written by the great Andrew Pixley, which is a geek's dream of behind the scenes info; but best of all of course are the episodes. I first saw Adam Adamant Lives! when BBC2 aired the first two episodes back in the nineties as part of an anniversary event, and I fell in love with the idea immediately. I never really hoped to be able to see any more of it, though. Crackly old TV like that seemed condemned to forever remain in the vaults. And then along came DVD, and all that changed. I am very happy to be able to own a copy of the surviving episodes - and there's a documentary and a couple of audio commentaries to boot.

14. Best use of a hoary old trope

I suppose the pairing of Adam and Georgina is as old and hoary as you can get. The hero and his female accomplice are one of the screen's original tropes. They're a good team, and the cast were very well chosen. I would prefer Georgina to be more Adam's equal, but it is 1966. Mind you, Leslie Charteris had managed to get it right thirty years earlier...

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