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Well, Anton Lesser was both evil and died, so no surprise there on either count. Although he did get to show up the entire cast with his fencing skills, in the roughly 1.2 seconds allowed by the mad editing. The fight scenes are still as rubbish as ever. Mind you, on the plus side I did get Momentary Julian Glover as a reward for watching, so that was nice. Also wound up feeling sorry for Medusa, which is novel. She's one of the few interesting characters in the show, and tonight was relegated to Damsel In Distress, before things got even worse still. Mind you, she still got a better deal than Anton Lesser.

He's going to be in an episode of the BBC's upcoming new series The Musketeers, too. Evil, plus dead by the end of the episode? Although you never know, I might be surprised. He managed to be a good guy in The Scarlet Pimpernel, and survive to the end of the episode. Maybe historical France is a good omen?

No, you're right. Evil and dead. It's a TV show, not a miracle!


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Dec. 1st, 2013 05:43 am (UTC)
Mind you, on the plus side I did get Momentary Julian Glover as a reward for watching, so that was nice.

Wow, that was really thoughtful of them! If only more TV shows would do that. (Although I suppose it might be a bit tough on Julian Glover, suddenly having to be fleetingly in everything, but it could only improve most things, surely.)

Anton Lesser was in Primeval and I'm sure he wasn't evil, although he did die. He was also in the BBC Shakespeare King Lear and, since he was Edgar, he achieved being neither evil nor dead, so it can happen. (Michael Kitchen was Edmund, so he nicked the evil-and-dead routine right from under his nose. It was probably all a mistake or something.)

(I didn't watch Atlantis, though, so I have nothing actually sensible to say.)
Dec. 1st, 2013 10:44 pm (UTC)
Nothing sensible to say?! Saying that you didn't watch "Atlantis" is extremely sensible.

I didn't see him in "Primeval". I gave up watching during season two because I was angry with it for changing into something I didn't like anymore. Ha. That showed them! And yes, I like the idea of a thorough Glover-sprinkling. He looks like a tough sort. I'm sure he'd manage.
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