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*cautiously pokes LJ*



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May. 4th, 2013 11:10 am (UTC)
OW !!!!!
May. 4th, 2013 11:13 am (UTC)
Sorry. :)

I'm wary. They deleted me yesterday. They were "implementing new anti-spam measures", and apparently in the process managed to wipe out a good chunk of accounts. To their credit, they brought me back to life again very quickly and painlessly, but I'm still wary!
May. 4th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
*pokes back, less cautiously* ;)
May. 4th, 2013 04:05 pm (UTC)
Careful, or the LJ Beast might come after you next!

I would love to know how many people they accidentally deleted this weekend...
May. 4th, 2013 12:14 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't go round poking LJ - look at what it does when you're just sitting there all innocently!

*sigh* *shakes head at LJ and evil!goat*
May. 4th, 2013 04:09 pm (UTC)
It bloody well was an evil goat, too! I tried coming here last night, and was faced with a scowling goat with an eye patch, telling me that I'd been suspended for unspecified offences. Looks like several people who have an ordinary account, but also run a comm, lost both yesterday, so multiple accounts must have triggered their new spam whatsits. Goodness knows how many people were affected. I am seeing the funny side of it now, but I didn't last night! :)
May. 4th, 2013 08:20 pm (UTC)
You got zapped??!! Whatever next!
May. 4th, 2013 10:18 pm (UTC)
Next the goat goes rogue. Be sure not to turn your back on it.
May. 12th, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC)
This isn't Facebook, honey, it's not going to poke you back. ;)
May. 12th, 2013 04:03 pm (UTC)
I know. If it was Facebook then I wouldn't be here. ;) I was just a bit wary of it for a while there.
May. 12th, 2013 04:30 pm (UTC)
*pauses to drool at your avatar*
Oh! Hello!


I just felt silly... don't mind me, the old lady is cray cray today..
May. 13th, 2013 09:18 am (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
You'll be making Roger jealous. ;)
May. 25th, 2013 12:47 am (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
Hmmm. Where did my comment go?
May. 25th, 2013 08:17 am (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
That's weird. I think I'd replied to it as well, and that's gone too. LJ has been very strange lately.

I've never seen that picture of Brian before!
May. 25th, 2013 12:35 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
All I know about what's going on here at LJ is, I've been getting extensions on my paid account... very interesting, no?
May. 25th, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
Yes, they keep doing that to me too. Although they've apparently stopped sending me e-mails when I get replies to entries. Hopefully that's only temporary.

My sister is currently in a field somewhere in southern England listening to Roger Taylor. I may have to start hating her...
May. 25th, 2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
I may have to too... damn. I've never even been in the same room with the guy, and it's 35 years now... :(
Jun. 1st, 2013 02:52 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
LJ is finally getting around to telling me about comments. Thanks, LJ.

Apparently Roger opened with AKOM, and also played "Under Pressure". She's not a Queen fan, so she was a bit vague! Jeff Beck was there too, which makes me wonder if they did "Say It's Not True". They've played that one together a few times. It was some sort of festival.
Jun. 3rd, 2013 02:41 am (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
They did. And Roger and Marc Martel (he of the Queen Extravaganza) did "Under Pressure" together. Jeff, Roger and the SAS Band (Spike's All-Stars, if you don't know the ref) also did "Little Wing"... all the performances are on YouTube, so I've seen them, but now my computer's acting up and has no sound, won't let me play videos... so gah.

Definitely a fundraiser. More on it at this link: http://www.queenonline.com/en/news-archive/marc-martel-to-perform-libe-with-the-sas-band-in-the-uk/

I love that he is staying so busy. He and Tigerlily went to a new opera the other night. Have you seen the pics? Quite interesting!
Jun. 3rd, 2013 03:17 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
An opera?! Crikey. And this is the guy who had to practically be blackmailed into going to the theatre with Freddie! I looked for the pictures, and found an hilariously judgemental article in the Daily Mail. 19 year olds should only wear wear sensible frocks, apparently!
Jun. 5th, 2013 06:29 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
The comments about the dark underthings are silly. If she'd worn flesh colored ones, it would have been much more scandalous... or even if she'd worn nothing at all underneath! You can't win sometimes with the media, I swear.

She's modeling these days; I'd lost track, but she's the same age as Leah. If she's anything like Leah, she will do whatever she wants - and I'm sure Daddy has taught her very well to be her own person!
Jun. 7th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
Re: *pauses to drool at your avatar*
I'm sure Roger and her mother have taught her to think for herself, yes. Or at the very least, led by example!

I don't think I've seen a photo of her since the Queen Fan Club showed one of her and Rufus with Lola, when she was first born. Around about 2000? Blimey, time flies.
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