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The Cape: The Lich (Parts 1&2)

I love this show. Did I mention that? I love the premise, and the slightly ridiculous plots, and the action scenes, and I especially love the characters. Vince is maybe a bit too much of a hero-by-numbers, but his superhero antics are fun to watch. The Carnival of Crime are just plain glorious, though; and the oddball bad guys that keep cropping up are entertaining too. Also, I cannot begin to praise the visuals enough. I can't remember the last time that the mere act of watching a TV show was so pleasurable, just because of how well it's made. Somebody has gone to such trouble to create these sets, to arrange the lighting, to make practically every shot look fabulous. What the hell were people watching in 2011, that this managed to be a flop?

But, whether I love it or not, a flop it must have been; and this is a two-parter, which leaves me with only two more episodes to go. Life is cruel. And yet, in the midst of its crueliosities, it also gives us fun things to watch on the telly. So here we go.

An ex-girlfriend of Rollo's has disappeared from her grave, and he asks Vince to investigate. Vince finds good evidence to suggest that her body wasn't stolen, but that she clawed her way up out of the ground.

Elsewhere there's Toby! Frustrated by yet another piece of Peter Fleming's infamy, he arranges to meet with Orwell, to give her some information that can be used to foil Fleming's latest fiendish... something beginning with f.

He's discovered that Fleming plans to use the local docks to import chemical weapons, which he's able to do because the owners of the docks died without heirs. Toby has discovered that they actually had a secret son, who disappeared as soon as he was born. Orwell sets out on the trail.

Meanwhile, Vince and assorted carnivalleers have found Rollo's no-longer-dead ex-girlfriend. Ringmaster Max (and his amazing boots) diagnose Haitian zombie neurotoxin. Somebody is making zombies, and who better to investigate than a superhero and his circus friends?

The first step is to take their new pet zombie home with them, so that they can discuss tactics in the most aesthetically pleasing environment they have to hand.

Whilst Ruvi uses his amazing mesmerist powers to try to break the control of the zombie master.

That moment when your thumb hits the screencap button just as something really funky happens.

Ruvi manages to get some answers from the ex-dead ex-girlfriend, and the others set off to investigate.

Finding some awesome graffiti on the way.

And a huge lorry that clearly has no intention of helping with their inquiries.

In the secret underground lair of the zombie master, they find evidence that the giant truck is to be used to spray zombie-making neurotoxin over the crowds at the upcoming Founders' Day Parade.

Meanwhile, thanks to a suspiciously timely tip-off, Orwell has tracked down the missing heir to the city docks. He was apparently abandoned by his parents at a private clinic as soon as he was born.

Did I mention that I love the visuals in this show?

The heir to the city docks is called Conrad, and he is quite, quite mad.

My new favourite double act. They very much need to be on my television for more than ten episodes, damn it NBC.

Did I mention that Conrad is bonkers?

Orwell is beginning to notice.

I'm not entirely sure if Rollo thinks that incense will protect him from the terrorist zombies, or if he's just hoping to get high. Vince, on the other hand, is hard at work doing something on a computer that may possibly help somehow. They have to find out who is the zombie master, for once again there is evil to be foiled.

Briefly they capture a zombie minion, but he proves unhelpful. Probably because he's a zombie, although nobody seems to consider this an obstacle when interrogating him.

Elsewhere, Orwell begins to suspect that she might be in trouble, when Conrad reveals that a: his face is a plastic mask, to hide the terrible skin disease that was the reason for his parents abandoning him; b: he's really, really pissed off with the world; and c: he's the zombie master.

Orwell's not exactly happy about this.

Conrad is though. With the aid of a little zombie neurotoxin, he's got himself a bride.

Orwell's cheers up then too, at least while she's hallucinating.

I love this scene. Hoping for a lead, Vince decides to identify the zombie minion they captured. He does this by filling a balloon with water (presumably so it holds a useful shape), charring the bottom with a candle, and then scraping it onto his chestplate in order to lift the guy's fingerprints, so he can hack into the city computer and run a check on them.

You've never heard of flour, Vince?! Seriously though, assuming he preferred to use black powder, you can blacken anything to get dust for fingerprints. I love that he lives somewhere where balloons are the most obvious thing to turn to.

The reality of Orwell's wedding is a bit different to the hallucinatory version. Instead of sunshine, and Vince as a groom, she gets strapped to a wheelchair, and hauled about a house of horrors by a zombie nurse.

Although on the plus side, her bonkers suitor is very pleased to see her. Probably.

Batman and his friends have followed the trail of breadcrumbs to the hospital where Conrad has lived all these years.

Where naturally there await dark and diagonal corridors to traverse by torchlight (and a big fight, but the screencaps for that were all just a blur). There's no Conrad though.

Probably because he's busy having a less-than-romantic dinner in some other place, with candles and zombie attendants.

Vince decides it's time to call in a little assistance. Not his son, but his wife.

She can use her lawyerly lawyerliness to gain him access to the captured zombie (why do they keep turning criminals over the local police? They're crooked. But anyway), in the hope that he can find some way to break through the zombie master's control. Maybe because the drug will have worn off a bit by now, I don't know.

Anyway, Orwell's hallucination conjures up her father to give her away at her wedding. And yes, her father is Peter Fleming (and her real name is Jamie, apparently). I can't imagine the father thing was a big revelation to anybody; except possibly to Fleming himself, given the almost non-existent age difference.

Conrad prepares to kiss the bride, just as Vince busts in and shuts everything down. Again, with the blurring. I really do suck at screencapping fights. You'll just have to take my word for it that the good guys won.

And Trip and his mother (she's got a name, probably. I may even manage to learn it before the series comes to an end) have a moment. Possibly a "life is good when you have your own personal superhero" moment, I'm not sure. Anyway, they hug. The end.

And now there's only two episodes left, and it's not fair at all. I hate you, NBC. I realise that I've told you that quite a lot in recent years, but you bloody well deserve it, so there.


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Mar. 25th, 2013 11:46 am (UTC)
Maybe nobody watched The Cape because they had loads of other stuff to watch? If I didn't have a pile of other stuff to watch I'd watch the Cape because it looks good. Or else people are all comic booked out?

Marks off for having a evil villian who is evil cos he's facially disfigured though, grr.
Mar. 25th, 2013 03:57 pm (UTC)
He was evil (or just nuts, really) because his parents had abandoned him in a ghastly hospital, where he was tortured by the doctors. He wasn't a wholly unsympathetic character. Sorry, it can be hard to cover all the details in an overenthusiastic episode review.

I don't think it can have failed due to people being comic booked out, because of the ongoing success of Batman and the Avengers franchise. It just wasn't very popular, I guess. Either I have a defective television appreciation gene, or the entire rest of the world is completely insane. I can't imagine which is most likely.
Mar. 26th, 2013 11:40 am (UTC)

Hmm, I like OUAT and will be watching the new series but otherwise I'm sick of the re-booted fairy tale fad already, but that's just me and my faddy ways.

It's a mad world;)
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