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The Cape: Tarot

I'm loving this series. Loving the theme tune, with its comic book credit sequence. Loving the chapter breaks - like the old Act I, Act II etc, of old, but as chapter titles instead. Love the wildly dramatic camera work and lighting. Also (so far) loving the borderline silly storylines. Episode two is a grand example of that.

Peter Fleming has taken over the police force. Now he plans to take over the prisons. Only one man dares to stand against him in his plan. Quite fittingly, it's Toby from The West Wing (he's actually called Peter, but like I care). Toby is an honest politician, when all around him are cowered with fear or bribed into complacency. He will not bow down to Fleming's corrupt and corrupting ways. Fleming, however, has the perfect plan to be rid of him. Contacting the International Society of Murderers, he asks them to send him somebody suitable from the poisoning department. Toby, beware.

Although there is a melancholy computer geek and a bloke in a swishy cloak attempting to protect you. It's up to you whether you consider this reassuring.

Superhero alter egos have their downside. Attempting to do some shopping, Vince gets caught up in an armed robbery, and is forced to whip off his hooded sweatshirt disguise and get to work. This then leads to him having to do the rest of his shopping in costumw, which is somewhat embarrassing.


And a not-at-all deranged killer who has been hired to off him.

I love the idea of an International Society of Murderers. I'm guessing you call them and they match you up with a member, like a dating agency except not. It's a hell of a weird basis for an organisation, though. Presumably there are rules banning the murdering of fellow members. I'm also guessing it's not a good idea to say no if they offer you a job.

Obligatory shot of young Trip Faraday reading his The Cape comics.

Vince uncovers the details of Fleming's plot against Toby. Check out that newspaper there. The Knickers News?! You are kidding me. Anyway, in keeping with Vince's hopelessness as a superhero, he then promptly gets stabbed by Cain the Psycho Poisoner, with a poisoned knife.

I do love that carnival set.

The Carnival of Crime set about curing Vince, with leeches, deadly nightshade, and something about "increasing the blood flow", which looks like all of them sitting on top of him at once. Presumably this works, as he doesn't die.

Instead he goes shopping.

And also creeping about the city at night.

Soon he discovers an abandoned warehouse. Instant secret lair!

Back out into the streets he goes, to buy computer parts, chunky valves and generators, and anything remotely steampunky that the prop department were able to get their hands on.

Elsewhere, Peter Fleming is doing his best Tony Stark impression, with a holographic computer set up full of images of The Cape, Cain the Poisoner, chessboards, what looks like a giant spider - and a picture of himself with a small girl. Fleming has a daughter? Immediately, anybody who has ever watched television before begins to case sideways glances at Orwell, the mysterious computer geek.

Meanwhile Vince is building himself a secret lair during a montage of flashes back to Trip's birth. Here he tells his newborn baby all about how he's going to teach him to fight and to shoot, and all the other important pre-school lessons. Blowing stuff up, presumably.

Still, on the plus side, it's probably the first American father-son scene I've ever watched that doesn't mention sodding baseball.

Secret headquarters now fully furnished, Vince sets out to learn about poisons. Where he got samples of so many poisons is something we're not told. Poison Of The Month Club?

One could argue that this is not entirely a good idea.

Anyway, research done, Vince decides that the one thing guaranteed to help him in his fight against Cain the Psycho Poisoner is a strip of custom-fitted leather. Holy weapons arsenal, Batman.

You can't really see it from these pictures, but this is a pretty funky home-made computer array.

Comprising old computer parts, things that make funny noises, and lots of bits that probably shouldn't be plugged into each other.

Orwell dons a cunning disguise, and goes to keep an eye on Toby during his not wholly advisable dinner date with Fleming. Her gasp of shock on seeing Fleming once again makes everybody who has ever watched television assume that Orwell's secret identity is now no longer very secret. Although why she should be shocked to discover that Fleming is at his own meeting, I don't know.

Um, yeah. Orwell has a fight with Cain. It's not too easy to tell what's going on here I know, but it is a fight.

With Cain. A man apparently incapable of not staring dementedly into the camera.


Thundercats! Ho!

Orwell does not share my enthusiasm for Cain's fighting skills.

Dramatic entrance in the nick of time. Cain is captured, and Toby is saved! Hurrah!

Toby. Saved. He announces that there will be no handover of the prison system to Fleming, which apparently means success.

I have no idea why Fleming can't just murder him tomorrow, and install somebody in his place who'll reverse this decision, but let's not get into that right now.

Job done, The Cape stands on a tall building, and pretends he's Batman. The city is safe once again! Hurrah!

Well, until next week, obviously.


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Mar. 7th, 2013 09:28 am (UTC)
Clearly, the International Society of Murderers is a rebranding of HIT (Homicide International Trust) from MacGyver, with Murdoc as Perpetual CEO.
Mar. 7th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
I guess they had to change the name after the authorities got wise to them. Makes sense.
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