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Snowflake Challenge: Day Six

I skipped a few days. It got all sociable, so I went undercover.

In your own space, pimp three comms or challenges and explain why you love them. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I mostly seem to be a member of places where nobody ever posts anything, but then maybe that's a good reason to rec them. First up is champions_fans. This is a comm for the 60s TV series The Champions, about three secret agents who are given super powers by a mysterious mountain tribe following a plane crash. How they got the powers is less important than what they do with them, as we follow them on their journey of learning to be super-powered, and learning to live with a constant telepathic link with one another. This is particularly problematic for the two guys, who were close friends before the crash, and consequently have a closer bond now. Torture one of them, for example, and the other suffers too. Being the sixties, none of this was explored as much as it might have been, but the result is still a great fun show, and the comm is a nice, friendly place, where nobody takes anything too seriously. It could do with a bit more love, though...

Then there's smallfandomflsh, a community where there are prompts posted every couple of weeks, and you can use them to inspire a story based on any small fandom. The smaller the better! I haven't written anything for this one yet, but I must get around to it. All my fandoms are dead ones, it seems. Places like this are consequently pleasantly reassuring!

Also the_chestertons, which I only discovered existed a couple of weeks ago. An entire community about Ian and Barbara! Everybody know who they are, right? Back in 1963, when we first met the Doctor and his TARDIS, he kidnapped a pair of teachers. Ian Chesterton is a science teacher with a sizeable side order of swashbuckle, who throws himself into his new life with remarkable glee, and Barbara is a tough and sensible history teacher, who takes no nonsense from anybody. And they are awesome. Their comm's a little quiet, though... (hint hint)!

I also like [personal profile] dead_fandoms, but sadly I think that actually is dead.

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