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121212, etc

I was half planning to get an early night tonight, having been up until about 05:00 this morning watching the 121212 Sandy Relief Concert on the livestream. But it seems to be 03:30 already, without me noticing. Oh well. 121212 was fun, but a strange sort of concert. Everything kicked off with the E Street Band, which is pretty much the way any concert needs to begin, but from then on it was inevitably a bit of a mish mash. Bon Jovi were perfectly competent, although watching them was a bit like getting hurled back in time to the nineties. A bit of Pink Floyd popped up with some other people, being spectacularly weird with dancing hordes in masks, and looking like they were trying to advertise a floor show. Briefly cool when a bit of Pearl Jam joined in, and they played Comfortably Numb, but the rest of the performance was numb of the rather less comfortable kind. Eric Clapton afterwards was good, though. Then there were the Stones, who didn't even seem to be trying; except Keith, maybe. Alicia Keys was dull, but then if you put a woman sitting at a piano after that lot, she's got an uphill struggle to put it mildly. Fortunately The Who came on shortly afterwards, and were spectacular. Roger Daltrey is bloody nearly seventy, and there he was strutting about with his shirt undone, with more energy than anybody who wasn't in Springsteen's gang. Also, much amusement when they caused a Twitter explosion, when the live censoring that was apparently supposed to be going on somehow didn't. Of course it didn't, they're The Who. Who the hell is going to put bleeps in the middle of Who Are You? I was going to stick around for Paul McCartney, in an unexpected fusion with what's left of Nirvana, but got beaten back by the sheer awfulness of Kanye West. YouTube was kind enough to fill in the gaps this morning (a later bit of it), with a skippable recording of the live feed; and I'm sure it'll be out on DVD. Turns out McCartney is no Kurt Cobain. Who'd have guessed. Everybody else on stage at the time who wasn't Macca was funky though. If that doesn't sound too mean.

And then in between all the music were a host of people that the announcers helpfully informed me were comedians. I'm not sure I'd have known without the prompting. Billy Crystal was Billy Crystal, which I don't think has been a compliment since 1980. Adam Sandler sang a song that might have sounded like a good idea on paper, but I doubt it. A Twilight woman looked confused. Not by the song; she came on later. Just by life in general, I think.

I've probably forgotten some people. To be honest, any bit of it that didn't involve The Who or The E Streeters was pretty forgettable anyway; and yes, I do realise that it's probably very rude of me to knock a concert where everybody is trying to help. I didn't actually set out to do that. The line up sounded so amazing though, and then the amaze largely didn't happen. Maybe it's just unfair to put a host of acts between The E Street Band and The Who, and expect them to look as awesome? And is it just me, or does the whole thing seem a bit unfair to New Orleans? It's been years, and they still haven't had a charity concert. I suppose the moral there is that you should always try to have international rock stars living nearby. It's the only way to ever get anything done.

Oh, and in completely different news, Last Resort got cancelled. Several weeks ago, without telling me, which is none too polite. I'm getting thirteen episodes and then that's it, which is bloody silly, as it's just started to get good. Why do networks love doing this so much? One day I shall learn not to bother watching television anymore. There's very little point if they're going to keep taking it away.

Mind you, I've been saying that since Dark Skies, and I don't appear to have learnt anything yet. Apparently common sense isn't my strong suit.

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