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Chrismukkah came to The OC. That made me stupidly happy. I'd forgotten how good Chrismukkah was. It should absolutely be a proper holiday, although perhaps without the drunk driving, personal tragedies and disintegrating sanities, if that's okay. The OC is quite frustrating, as it really did get awful later on, when it basically became a guide to the tragedies of Marissa's existence. If you can call being a desperately annoying, super-rich sixteen year old tragic. I am very much in love with season one though, and I'm really enjoying watching it again. And yes, okay, Marissa is still awful. It's off-set by so much that isn't awful though. Every scene with Sandy in it is good, Caleb is the perfect hissable villain, Seth and Anna are terrific. Why did the show insist on putting Seth and Summer together later? That was insane. Jimmy's still around too. It was such a loss to the show when he left. Most of the things that made season one great were the adults, actually. If they'd given up the whole teen angle, the show could have stayed good for years. Sorry, I appear to be trying to steal a teen drama away from its intended audience, but in my defence the teenagers seemed to want the show to be about Sandy rather than Marissa as well. And I'm going to change the subject now before I look even more sad than I do already.

I started to watch Sleepers again as well. I realise that nobody else in the world even knows what that is, but whatever. It's the sort of television that's so perfect it makes almost every other TV show look a little sad and pathetic in comparison. With the possible exception of the terrible acting of the girl playing Warren Clarke's daughter, everything in Sleepers is wonderful. Even the fact that it's only four episodes long. It does what it needs to do, and then it stops. More television should do that. I wish the BBC would make television like that now. Or just television that I like; that would be good too. It doesn't have to be perfect. Sleepers works because of the flawless scripting, and the two great leads, and the fact that it appeals to the Russian history geek in me, and just everything really. I wish more people had seen it. If more people than me had watched it, the BBC might be a little more inclined to make TV like that more often. Or probably not, because they don't have any money anymore, but I can dream.

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