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I hate the new YouTube. They've been trying to foist it upon me for weeks, but so far I've always been able to make the old version come back. Now the old version seems to have disappeared completely. The new one is horrible, and could very easily have been designed by whoever has done the latest changes around here. Why is my internet built by idiots these days? It's not all bad at YouTube, though. There are many more episodes of Simon & Simon up there now, and lately they have been ably preventing me from accomplishing anything useful. Not that I would have been accomplishing much anyway, but it's always nice to have somebody to blame.

It's a funny old show, is Simon & Simon. I commented a few months back on an episode that featured a subplot about lesbians, and how well it was handled. No jokes, no giggling, or lascivious comments. The whole thing dealt with as a normal, regular facet of life, in a way that no other show I can think of has managed. (White Collar is a possible exception, but that's all). That particular episode of Simon & Simon first aired February 17th 1983, which makes it all the more remarkable. And then just the other night I was watching another episode, original TX 24th October 1985. The brothers were mistaken for a gay couple, and then later posed as one. When mistaken for a couple they took it completely in their stride, and then when posing as one there was none of the usual TV idiocy; no campery, no floppy wrists. They behaved like regular guys. How does this daft and entertaining little show from the eighties consistently manage to shame every other show on television? My beloved The A-Team, in an episode of similar vintage (December 3rd 1985), has Hannibal and BA mistaken for a couple. They nearly tear the guy's head off, in a deeply unpleasant scene that's actually quite painful to watch. So hooray for Simon & Simon. I like it when television isn't awful. It makes everything so much better.

PS: In other news, I now have a working telephone again at last. After three months of whatever the hell was wrong, BT have finally fixed it, and people can once again ring me up.



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Dec. 8th, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
Three months?! How happen?!

Plus YouTube doesn't look any different to me??
Dec. 8th, 2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
The changes haven't been rolled out universally yet. They picked a cross-section of users to randomly test it on. Do you have an ID over there? If not, it will probably look as normal for you for the time being. The changes started back in October though, so they're probably getting ready to unleash them on everybody. Seems a lot less practical than before, with a lot more scrolling and clicking. Plus comments are infinite scrolling. Grr.
Dec. 8th, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
No, I don't have an ID. Everything seems to be becoming less user friendly!!
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