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Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

It seemed like I hadn't watched a film in ages, so last night I went rummaging in the DVD cupboard, and came up with Evil Dead II. Let's face it, nothing says Friday night quite like a gore-soaked, chainsaw-waving lunatic with a shotgun. (Other opinions are, of course, perfectly valid). No full scale recap here, because films are longer than episodes of TV shows, and I'm lazy. Also it was gone three in the morning, and I couldn't be bothered thinking too hard. Instead, here are some screencaps celebrating the fun that you can have when you go to an out-of-the-way cabin in the middle of a haunted wood, and inadvertently release the undead. Twice.

Never let it be said that learning from your mistakes is a good idea.

Recently bitten by the decapitated head of your undead girlfriend? Better beware of spontaneously evil appendages.

And we all know what the best cure for them is. Chainsaw!

Somebody's at the door... Question is, is it the headless girlfriend, or a gaggle of spectacularly unhelpful co-stars? Better be on the safe side, and blast it anyway.

Axe attack!

One man and his axe. And an army of blatantly obvious future corpses.

Stop-motion monster alert!

It's never easy to make small talk with your hostess. On reflection, chainsawing her to death in slow motion is probably the best option.


One hand, half a shirt, wilful lack of focus. But nonetheless unstoppable.

Is getting hurled a thousand years backwards in time, into the middle of a war against the undead, a happy ending or sad? I can never quite figure that one out. Probably it depends on whether you're Ash or a viewer. Anyway, he's got a magic chainsaw and a self-loading boomstick. That totally makes up for being hopelessly lost in time, under-dressed, and probably about to die, right? Right.

I think I may need to dig out Army Of Darkness later. It doesn't have quite the same low budget fun, but you really can't go wrong with Bruce Campbell and a chainsaw. Hail to the king, baby.

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