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Blake's 7 : Trial

So, Blake's 7 has once again become Blake's 6, meaning that the title was accurate for all of half a dozen episodes. Avon even lampshades this by speaking to Blake of "your three remaining followers" (I guess he doesn't count Orac and Zen, and clearly not himself either). It really is quite a rubbish title for a TV series, when you actually stop and think about it - which I freely admit I may be doing too often. It only works if you count Blake himself, but that's just silly. The Max Weinberg 7 is seven including Max, but then that's because it's The Max Weinberg 7, not Max Weinberg's 7. If they'd wanted to count Blake, they should have called it The Roj Blake 7. And you have no idea how much I want the space adventures of The Max Weinberg 7 right now. That would be awesome.

Sorry. Back to this episode. It's called "Trial", because it's all about trials - an actual one and a metaphorical one. In the first is Travis, standing accused of the murders of vast amounts of civilians. It's something of a show trial, and the guilty verdict is clearly a certainty (in part because he is guilty, and in part because everybody wants him to be). In the other trial, Blake accuses himself of being a liability, and goes off to mope on a supposedly uninhabited world. This is to give himself time to think about whether he still wants to be a leader of men, and to give the others time to think about whether they still want him as their leader. Most of them worry whether he'll ever return to them, whilst Avon immediately starts patting the Liberator delightedly, and shouting "Mine! All mine!" in a faintly hysterical fashion.

The sentries who are standing guard over Travis. One of them is Kevin Lloyd, look.

Exhibit A: One very very young Tosh Lines.

Servalan is also pleased to see Tosh Lines.

Travis isn't. Mostly because he's on trial for his life.

Blake mopes around the flight deck, considering marooning himself on a planet for maximum sulk-and-broodage.

Nothing especially relevant here, I just loved the screencap. Avon isn't actually clapping his hands in delight at Blake's disappearance, but it does rather look like it.

Blake mopes around a jungle.

Whilst the rest of the gang find a message that he's left for them, explaining that Gan's death has made him question everything, and that they all need some time out to think things through.

Oh look, it's Tosh again.

Down on the planet, Blake encounters a curious, bouncing creature. It transpires that the planet is actually a giant organism, and that it has plans to digest the pair of them.

Back on the ship, the others realise this too, thanks to Orac's collected data. They decide that they'd probably better get Blake back, even if he is rather annoying, as letting him get eaten by a planet would be mean.

In his enthusiasm at being welcomed back aboard, Blake decides that they might as well go and blow up Servalan's space station for a bit. Conveniently, they do this just as Travis's guilty verdict is delivered. In the confusion, Travis is able to escape.

And now he's an outlaw too. I'd say poor Travis, but I'm fickle and cruel, and don't give a fig for this version.

Kind of a dull episode, this. It's nice of them to acknowledge that Gan's death was quite a big thing, and it's good to see that it's had an effect on Blake. He gets over it again almost immediately, but it was a nice thought. It does feel rather like a filler episode, though. There shouldn't really be any of them when the series is only thirteen episodes long. The living planet is a nice idea, but it's dealt with in five minutes, which is something of a shame. I'd have liked to have seen it get a proper storyline in its own right.


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Aug. 21st, 2012 04:26 am (UTC)
I'd have liked to see Real Travis on trial.
Aug. 22nd, 2012 01:04 am (UTC)
Heck yes. I love series two, and find it to be a lot better than series one in almost every way, but I can't help wondering how much better still it would have been without that recast.
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