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Blake's 7: Bounty

Quite a change of pace from last week's dull worries over Gan's brain. From the very outset this episode feels like it comes from a completely different series to that one. I feel a bit unkind pointing out the distinction, as it's painfully obvious that Gan's episode was a limited set and cast necessity to keep the series budget down. It's just that it was so dull. This week we get Federation guards and fighting, and Blake and Cally playing It's A Knockout with a little mini castle thing. Also, pirates!

So, Blake and Cally are running about on a planet. They're not furthering the plot much, but they look like they're having fun, dodging guards and creeping around trees and things. Turns out they're intending to pick up the former president of somewhere, and deliver him back home, so that he can help fight the Federation. He's a great character, with his vintage clothing, and his record player obsession, and his old car. He doesn't especially want to be a rebel, but Blake takes him back to the Liberator anyway. Sadly, whilst he's been away the ship has been taken over by pirates, who pretended to be a ship in distress. They're old associates of Jenna's, so she joins them for a bit, and helps Blake to turn the tables. That part is all over rather quickly, which is a shame. This episode is possibly Jenna's finest hour. Whilst Blake is down on the planet, she's in command. Even Avon accepts her authority unquestioningly (well, nearly). She's a much better commander than Blake, not least because she does actually know what she's doing. Then, when it's time to reveal her true colours to the pirates, she takes them down on her own and with ease. All right, so one of them passes out just from her giving him a shove in the stomach, so possibly he was a bit useless anyway. She is great here, though. It's so nice to see her as she was originally envisaged. Who in their right mind could believe that the audience would rather have her as a decorative novelty bookend than as a tough, brave and fun space adventurer? Oh 1970s. Why must you be so endlessly frustrating?

Blake and his stupid anorak creep about a planet.

Cally is also creeping about the planet. She's had the good sense not to wear a naff anorak - although I'm not sure that space cheetah fur is exactly an ideal alternative.

A former president of somewhere, now in exile.

Cally deals with the local militia.

Climbing up castles.

The president does not wish to be rescued, thank you for asking. Where he gets all this vintage Earth stuff out in the depths of space is a question that it's probably safest not to ask.

As an irrelevant aside, Avon has been playing in the ship's wardrobe again. I wholeheartedly approve. Shame about the green undershirt, though. Green, Avon? You couldn't find one in black?

Space pirate!

Jenna dispatches space pirates with ease.

And away go the former president and his desperately annoying daughter, to... I don't know. Lead people. Be presidenty. Stand up to things. That's the second episode in a row where the gang have teleported people off the Liberator with no attempt to retrieve the bracelets. Shouldn't one of them go along as well, to bring the things back? Aside from the fact that they shouldn't be leaving technology like that lying around for anybody to find, pretty soon they're going to run out.

All in all, then, I think this episode proves that space pirates and climbing about in castles is better than brain surgery. Unless you actually need a brain surgeon, I suppose. And even then, given the choice you'd probably rather have pirates.


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Aug. 13th, 2012 03:57 pm (UTC)
I think they did start to run out of the bracelets later on (due to damage and poeple nicking them off set). The rumor is that later ones were either made by Blue Peter, or just painted cardboard bands.
Aug. 13th, 2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
Yes, they mention in the extras on one of the DVD sets that they were always running out, due to breakage/stealing/loss, etc. I love the idea of them using Blue Peter ones instead!
Aug. 17th, 2012 12:33 am (UTC)
I kind of figured the Federation had supplied him with the nice, shiny stuff when he went into exile. It's less dramatic than fake memories & deportation to a prison planet, but it works to keep him out of the way and a non-martyr.
Aug. 17th, 2012 09:19 pm (UTC)
That's a good theory. I hadn't thought of that.
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