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True Blood again

There's a new True Blood trailer out, which is making me all optimistic about season five again. You can watch it here at YouTube. By the looks of things it's either going to be one long orgy or one long bloodbath. Or possibly one long bloodbath at an orgy. So pretty much business as usual then. There are some screencaps under the cut, but bear in mind that the whole thing takes place in the dark, so you won't actually be able to see any of them.

Lots of interesting things happening in this trailer. Some were also in the last one, so I've missed them out. Others didn't want to screencap properly, so I've missed them out too. Also I left out quite a bit of kissing, because kissing is far less interesting than daggers and explosions.

We get underway with Pam, which is a very good starting point.

Pam! Although, let's face it, this is probably the most that we'll see of her all season. Lack of Pam is True Blood's greatest failing. Alongside Eric mooning over Sookie, and the entire cast's failure to keep their shirts on.

Wolfie moment.

New look for Hoyt. To put it mildly.

Fairy twins?

Eric apparently has a throne and some dead trees. And looks like Bill kneeling to one side, or sitting on a very low stool. Either's pretty weird. Nice curtains.

I do hope Eric is cool again this season. He was dreadful in season four.

The vampire Authority, apparently. With phallic symbolism, which is about what you'd expect.

And a shiny ring, which may give us a suspect for the bloke with a knife at Bill's throat in the last trailer.

The Snark Twins. I think they've been captured, presumably for the whole 'going rogue and killing vampires' thing at the end of season four.

And looks like they're planning some more vampire killing this time out too. I love this scene. It looks straight out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Eric does his best Fred Astaire impersonation. With added blood.

They're wearing matching clothes now?

Technically we've seen this bit before, but it's pretty, so I thought I'd include it again.


Lots of vampires kneel before a jar that's presumably full of some very special blood. Looks more like fruit juice, but I can't imagine that vampires have much use for that. Even less use for it as a religious icon.

Apparently Sharon Osbourne is a vampire. This probably comes as no surprise to anybody. And she's a member of the Authority, no less.

Crispy-fried vampires.

Jason, I think. Actually with clothes on, which is quite remarkable.

I had hoped we'd seen the last of the overly funky demons when the dead witch stabbed Jesus to death last season, but apparently not. Damn.

Lafayette tries to phone home.

Put a shirt on, Sam. In all fairness the lack of clothing would appear to not be his fault on this occasion, but still. Put a shirt on anyway.

Barack Obama, Vampire Killer?

Vampire Zorro!

And, best of all, King Russell. Hurrah! I have missed him. Rather brilliantly, it looks as though the actor has been starving himself for the last year and a half, in order to really look the part of a vampire who's been buried alive in cement since whenever. That's proper dedication, that is.

Good old Russell. I hope they don't kill him off.

So that's that, then. Also Jessica in bright red underwear, Sookie bursting into tears every four and a half seconds, and Eric wrapped up in a net. All on its way from June 10th. Or, as it's otherwise known, not nearly bloody quickly enough. Hurry up June, I'm waiting.

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