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To Heal The Leper

A pretty dull episode this week, which is not what I'd expect to say of a story where lots of people get their brains torn out. There's not really enough material for a full episode though. I guess it needed a b-plot or something. Even the plot it does have, whilst fabulously grisly, never really goes anywhere. Still, it does have Sylvia in it. That's always good.

A morgue. Somebody has broken in, and cut the brains out of all the residents, including the members of staff. There were some lovely close ups here, but I decided to play it safe.

The alien high command have a problem. They need to be three, but currently they are only two, as one of them is down with chicken pox.

This leads to the use of fabulous equipment, built out of home appliances, with lots of gratuitous flashing lights.

And also brains. Many brains.

Back at the safe house, Norton has seen a complete cessation of all alien transmissions.

Ironhorse immediately assumes that the enemy are all either dead or gone, despite Harrison's best attempts to get him to switch his brain on.

But over at her hospital, Sylvia is suddenly restored to full mental health (or as far as she can hope to get, when she's played by a fifities melodrama queen). She assures Harry and Ironhorse that the aliens are gone.

Another random costume change for the regulars. They seem to change their shirts every five minutes.

Ironhorse is convinced that their job is done, but Harrison then gets wind of the stolen brains, and goes rushing off to investigate.

He tries to figure out what the aliens are up to, whilst the rest of the cast dance around in circles, singing about how the war is over.

And the world's most eightiest bit part actor, in the world's most eighties hair salon, prepares to donate her brain to the alien cause.

Unable to get any work done in the midst of all the singing and dancing, Harrison goes off out into the big wide world instead. Since this invariably leads to him getting surrounded by aliens, this is not his greatest idea ever.

The alien high command, meanwhile, have stolen some new bodies, and have also gone out into the big wide world, in order to heal their third member. This mostly involves red lights and dramatic posing.

Also shadows, and big pieces of industrial equipment.

Oh, and lots and lots of brains.

When they switch on their equipment, and begin to heal their third member, Sylvia immediately goes mad again.

She leaves a clue for the team, but without Harrison around to interpret it, nobody knows what it means (presumably it's not a clue that the aliens have joined the SS). They ring up Harrison, and he immediately says that he knows exactly what it means. And then goes off to investigate without bothering to tell anybody.

Red light means danger, Harrison.

Realisation dawns. Still, retreating is so much less fun.

Harrison spies on the aliens' healing device.

That really is a hideous shirt, especially in that light.

The sick alien is close to death.

But a dribble of super-energised brain juice is just the thing for chicken pox.

It also leads to an outbreak of weird lighting.

And mad staring.

And hey presto, the alien is cured.

You'd never guess this was an eighties show, would you.

Harrison is apparently as delighted as the aliens. The brainless corpse beside him is a little less enthusiastic.

The newly reunited threesome of high command communicate in an eighties disco fandango. Because... oh, just because they do.

They realise that they're being watched and give chase, as fast as they can whilst stopping to pose every few seconds.

Harrison barricades himself into a room, and prepares to defend himself with a fire axe.

Er, yes. I really am very bad with the action scenes. This is the point where something bursts through the barricade, and he attacks it with his fire axe. Honest. The something turns out to be Ironhorse and Suzanne though, who finally figured out what Sylvia's drawing meant. I guess the aliens decided they'd got what they came for, and went home.

The team look over the alien healing equipment, and Harrison and Suzanne fantasise over how much they will learn from it.

It's like all of Harrison's dreams come true! Yes, well. He doesn't get out much. Which is probably just as well.

When he touches it, however, he unleashes a deadly onslaught of special effects, and the whole lot breaks into tiny pieces.

I don't know why they're so discouraged, though. They do still have the tiny pieces, and they can surely learn something from those? Anyway, that's the end of the episode. Far too many scenes of aliens fixing pipes together in patches of red light, and far too little actual plot. It did have its moments, but otherwise this is the lowest point of the series since the pilot. It's only really saved by Harrison, who couldn't be unwatchable if he tried; otherwise it's a pretty pointless episode. Some lovely imagery, granted, and the brainless corpses are beautifully done. That's not enough to hold the attention, though. Even if there is a nice air of black humour about the whole thing.

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