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An Eye For An Eye

I've grown quite fond of this show's habit of giving all its episodes Biblical sounding titles. I'm not sure that any of them make a lot of sense, in regard to the actual plots, but the titles sound good anyway.

Good episode this time, continuing with the theme of incorporating other adaptations of The War Of The Worlds into the canon of this one. This time it's the turn of Orson Welles' 1938 radio version, which tonight turns out to be more than merely fiction; instead it was an attempt by the government to convince the American population that a real invasion had been nothing more than hysteria caused by a play.

Alien bikers!

The little town of Grover's Mill prepares to celebrate.

There's just no way this can go wrong, is there.

Four old veterans of the battle against the aliens in 1938 are offended by the celebrations. Nobody else believes that the battle was real; they think it was all just a radio show.

Back at the safe house, the team watch a cine film about the Orson Welles broadcast, and the panic that it supposedly caused.

Meanwhile, over at Grover's Mill, the alien biker gang use a steampunk vacuum cleaner to hunt for a buried super weapon.

One of the great things about watching shows like this is that you get to type sentences like that one.

Obligatory shot of alien in insane (but awesome) encounter suit.

As the aliens hunt for their weapons, the team arrive in Grover's Mill. Harrison is instantly in Alien Geek Mode. And, for some reason, sporting highlighted hair and designer stubble. It's like he's suddenly discovered the eighties, just before they end.

An alien gives itself away to an onlooking veteran of '38, by tucking into the contents of his rose garden.

Whilst Harrison and Ironhorse meet with the rest of the veterans, to discuss the '38 invasion. When the fourth veteran turns up, to report having seen an alien, his colleagues think that he's mistaken (understandably enough). Ironhorse and Harrison, bizarrely, clearly believe him, but do absolutely nothing. They not only let him go back off, to investigate the aliens all on his own, but they also carry on with the interviews. What the hell?

Back at the War Of The Worlds festival, Suzanne has remembered that she has a daughter.

And the aliens hang out at a Lost Boys convention.

They've excavated a weapon, buried since 1938, which they test on an innocent car.

Alien policemen!

As Ironhorse and Harrison finally remember what their job is, the team prepare to fight the alien bikers. Suzanne announces that she can't fight, as she's got her daughter to take care of, so promptly runs away to hide in a patch of undergrowth for the duration of the fun bit.

Whilst Ironhorse asks for back up. For reasons of budget, however, the back up will not be arriving.

The team have a council of war. Or an argument about what a bloody stupid plan they've just come up with. One or the other.

Ironhorse inspects his veteran troops, since the regular ones clearly aren't going to arrive anywhere nearly in time to be useful.

Sadly, one of the vets has developed a taste for rosebushes, and is rumbled as an alien spy.

You'd think they'd resist their rose fetish, since it's such an obvious giveaway, but no.

Norton has an awesome eighties laptop.

And, for once, he actually has some not half bad graphics.

The troops present their Trojan human, captured in the rose garden.

Harrison, of course, immediately wants to make friends. It tells him that he's fungus compared to the greatness of the aliens; even if they're not smart enough to avoid nibbling on flowers when there are people watching. Harrison would still quite like to be its bestest buddy.

The others aren't so sure.

Assuming that the aliens are taking their funky new weapon somewhere in particular, Harrison and Norton begin to build something, A-Team style, in an effort to destroy it. Yes, Harrison has conveniently forgotten the pacifist thing again. He hates guns. Home-made weapons of mass destruction, however, are just fine.

Down the road, Ironhorse attracts the aliens' attention with some dynamite that one of the vets conveniently has stashed nearby.

It's very photogenic dynamite.

Ironhorse then demonstrates the wonders of American military training by outrunning motorbikes on a stretch of highway.

Attention well and truly attracted, an entire army of aliens then arrives at Hero HQ with the super weapon fixed to the top of a hearse. Hero HQ, which is a rickety little garden shed, is not wildly optimistic about its future.

But Harrison and Norton's gizmo turns the tables--

--and annihilates not only the weapon, but also every single alien in the vicinity. I don't know why all the aliens die too. They just do.

The team stand in a neat little line, the way that people only ever do on television.

And then they have a little celebration, once Suzanne and the pointless daughter have crawled back out of the undergrowth.

But one alien has survived, presumably now with knowledge of Harrison and co, thanks to the Trojan vet. Off he zooms on his motorbike, with a meaningful look to camera.

The aliens' knowledge of Harrison and his little band of whatevers will be changing weekly, however, according to whoever's got the typewriter. Continuity is just so seventies.


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Jan. 24th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
"Continuity is just so seventies"– That is hilariously true!

I liked the Grovers Mill aspect of this and using Orson Welles broadcast. They did something similar in Buckaroo Banzai with the lectroids.

"Meanwhile, over at Grover's Mill, the alien biker gang use a steampunk vacuum cleaner to hunt for a buried super weapon."

That sentence really is very, very cool. These are obviously steam-punk aliens.

My only guess as to why Harrison and Ironhorse didn't want to attack the alien the old vet had seen is they didn't want to cause a ruckus and harm the people at the fair???? Or is that asking too much for the writers to have them explain? Otherwise, based on the character's personalities, I'm sure at least Ironhorse would have turned him into alien soup!
Jan. 24th, 2012 01:23 pm (UTC)
That's good thinking, but the alien wasn't at the fair. I have no idea what was going on there! They just look at each other meaningfully, then carry on with the interview. I suppose they're protecting their secret, but it doesn't make them look like very responsible defenders of humanity!
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