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Torchwood: Miracle Day VIII

I only ever seem to post about Torchwood these days. That's probably a huge breach of internet etiquette, but it's Torchwood, and I tend to lose all sense of proportion whenever it gets involved. Sorry about that.

But on to the episode. It feels like there was a blink and you'll miss it prelude this week, and I blinked and missed it. I'm not sure that it works all that well to advance the plot at nil miles a fortnight for seven weeks, and then try to put seven weeks' worth of action into episode eight. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the episode... it's just that the first five or ten minutes could have done with having less happen in them. And to say that after seven weeks of wishing for more action is just a little confusing. But anyway.

I enjoyed tonight's episode. Am I capable of not enjoying Torchwood? This remains to be seen. Major Kira got blown up shortly after arriving, and after not really having done much of anything at all, which seems a little rude. She did get to smirk faintly at Q, which was something, but not a lot. I may have got a little distracted at that point, wondering what Garak and Bashir were up to, but only briefly. Q was awesome, incidentally. I never actually liked him in Star Trek, but then that's probably because he was mostly attached to Next Gen, and I hated pretty much all of that. Or maybe he's in the 0.01% of humanity who improves with facial hair? I don't know. I need more data in order to form a study.

Meanwhile, it appears that the three men who bought dangly!Jack last week were behind the triangle that keeps appearing on people's mobile phones. Hence the arm-gripping triangle thingy last week. Which I guess we sort of knew anyway, but this week gave confirmation. And explosions, which are also appreciated. Sorry, that last bit was irrelevant. By waiting out the twentieth century for Jack, Angelo was able to give him a clue as to the nature of Miracle Day, apparently by lying on an Adventure Game gameboard hidden under his bed. It seems that all that's needed to end Miracle Day is to build a giant one of them, and then wrap the Earth up in it. Or, alternatively, unravel the massive international conspiracy that's grown up around the three wrist-gripping friends from last week, and defeat the bad guys, in the space of two episodes - when it's taken us eight episodes just to find out who was in charge of their organisation more than eighty years ago. This would be a large enough challenge even without Gwen being deported, Jack being half dead, Esther being a sobbing wreck, and Rex being annoying. Unless the Adventure Game gameboard is hidden in the car with Jack and Esther, in which case Jack will be in a demiracalised zone, and can be not half dead; which will give him some advantage, provided he doesn't press the wrong square and wind up in the void. You know, building a giant alien device, and wrapping the entire planet up in it is looking like the less complicated option all the while.

Oh, and Oswald's back! I have missed him. Okay, so he's a gruesome child killer, but he's a very entertaining one. I have my doubts that his and Jilly's bit of plot can be wrapped up neatly in two weeks, given everything else that also has to be wrapped up alongside of it, but I guess we'll soon see. As it is, they keep having new bits of storyline thrown at them, with no attempt to explain the bits that they've already got. You know, I'm not entirely convinced that the writers have paced things out too well over these ten episodes. Next week's is going to need to be very carefully thought out to make it all fit. It's Torchwood, though, so it very probably won't be. That's not nearly as negative as it sounds, by the way. I love the show dearly, but I do tend to worry if it looks like the writers are concentrating.

PS: Category Zero?! Flee, Oswald, flee! Although, if they're going to execute people on moral grounds, surely they're also going to have to execute whoever thought that rule up? Which means it'll never get signed into law, and so he'll be safe. Panic over. At least until the end of episode ten.


Major Kira, shortly before exploding.


Oswald, as I was so happy to see him back.

And Jack. Because he's Jack.

Is it next week yet?


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Sep. 1st, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
You know, Q was also Eugene in DOOL. How was he in the episode? Was he as snarky as Q?
Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:38 am (UTC)
Q was brilliantly snarky in TW, yes.

I've not seen much of Eugene, as he left before John joined. Although there's a lot of eighties DOOL going up on YouTube nowadays, I've tended to stick to the John and/or Stefano stuff. I'd be watching forever otherwise! I know he was very popular though. I think he disappeared in a home made time machine eventually?!
Sep. 2nd, 2011 04:40 am (UTC)
Do you know my friend Francis, because he made exactly the same comment about 'The Adventure Game' on facebook.

Finally, we get some vauge answers, but not enough!!!!

I feel we should have got to this point three episodes ago and then had half the episodes with Torchwood stopping the bad guys. If it all happens in the last five minutes with a giant Star Trek reset button, I will be very annoyed.

I really think Oswald is just padding. You could take his story out and nothing would be lost from the overall plot. There has been such little interaction between the two parties. although, it looks like Jilly is getting closer to the important guys, so I bet she will have a change of heart and help Torchwood bring them down.

Who else spotted the continuity error with the contact lenses? When Officer Don spoke, it shouldn't have been his voice we heard because of the lip reading software.
Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:43 am (UTC)
I don't know anybody on Facebook. I'm not surprised that other people have mentioned the similarity though! All it needed was a talking pot plant...

I suspect that Oswald is there to add an extra dimension to the storyline. They probably felt they needed another character, outside of the Torchwood thing, to show the wider effects of Miracle Day. Unless he suddenly becomes very important in the final two episodes, you're probably right about him being unnecessary - but I like him too much to care. ;)

I wondered that about the contact lenses too. I think maybe they felt that, because they were cutting between the two scenes, it would have been distracting to cut between his real voice and the false one. It did seem a bit odd, though.
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