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Torchwood: Miracle Day VII

Now that felt like vintage Torchwood! In fact it almost felt like watching vintage Torchwood, too, back in the dark days of 2006 - certainly it ended the same way. Yep, the morons have started again. Ohmigosh, there were men kissing! How dare the BBC! You'd think we might have moved on a little in the last five years, but no. Same arguments, same nonsense. Hello 2011.

But I couldn't be bothered to waste my energy getting annoyed with people like that anymore. Or not just at the moment, anyway. It was a great fun episode tonight, and that's what I'm interested in right now. No Oswald again, and I'm really missing him now - but his absence left less of a hole this week, as there was rather more going on. I loved all the back story. Jack's various jaunts through history are one of my favourite things about him. He can go anywhere and anywhen, and it's always fun when we actually get to see him doing that. Angelo seriously needed a haircut, mind. And speaking of which... if there isn't a Jack 'n' Angelo LJ community up already, I fully expect there to be one by the end of the weekend. Loved Jack deciding that he wanted a companion, just like the Doctor. Loved the running about in corridors with The Coat all a-flap. Loved him and Angelo laughing about their adventures, and all the fun with the wrist strap. Basically I loved the episode. And best of all, towards the end, was Jack realising that he wants to live after all. Could we maybe have no more of this angsty nonsense, then? Jack was never meant to be angsty. Yes, he's going to live forever, but it's time he found a way to be happy about that. I like happy!Jack.

Where was I? Flashbacks! Lots and lots of flashbacks, which were loads of fun. Gwen's dilemma, which probably wasn't much fun for her, but I enjoyed it. Jack being devious. I do like it when they remember that Jack isn't all hero. He can be, probably mostly when it suits him, but the rest of the time he so, so isn't. And then there was Major Kira! Which wasn't a surprise really, as her name was in the opening credits, but by the time she appeared I'd forgotten that. So it sort of was a surprise after all. And she delivered a bombshell that wasn't really a bombshell in the slightest, as by then it was quite obvious that Angelo was going to be featuring in all of this somewhere. It was still a great ending, though.

This is what is called a vague and incoherent review, incidentally. Rather than the sensible, well thought out and detailed kind. For some reason I'm not good at doing them for Torchwood at the best of times, but when it throws loads of things that I love at me I get even worse. We're still down one pterodactyl, but other than that tonight's episode wasn't missing a lot. Silly adventures! Random vintage!Jack! Copious amounts of wrist strap! Blatant Coat worship! Unexpected alienage! Jack with a gun! PC Andy being awesome!

Okay, so there's still three episodes left for everything to go wrong in, but for now let's just revel in the fun.

Nineteen twenties Jack.

Random alien action adventure nonsense.

Angelo. Who badly needs a haircut.

Just Jack, basically. Standing on rooftops again, just like the old days.

I enjoyed tonight's episode. I would like there to be more episodes like this one, please. :)


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Aug. 26th, 2011 12:47 pm (UTC)
Ha. David said almost exactly the same thing about a Jack & Angelo comm. :)) It was a bit weird, though. Jack, I love you! I'm going to let these people hack you to death multiple times, but I still love you! No, wait, why are you leaving me behind?! :D

I enjoyed it, though. Jack said it had been seven hundred years since his last confession, which was interesting. Not when he was taking the slow road waiting for the Doctor, then? His clothes did look rather modern at first. I wondered if that was a future Jack, which would mean he wouldn't know who was behind Miracle Day, except he obviously recognised Angelo's name at the end.

PS:obligatory cheer from the back of the room for the MW7. ;)
Aug. 26th, 2011 04:32 pm (UTC)
There should be more MW7 love. It could only ever make the world a happier place.

Having the Angelo thing all being a future Jack would have been great. That way Miracle Day Jack wouldn't know anything about it, which would make for a good story. Too complicated a time travel story for prime time sci-fi, though, maybe? Doesn't seem a likely RTD thing, either. More in the Moff's line. And yes, it did look like he recognised the name at the end.
Aug. 27th, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)
!!!! That may be the best icon ever. Except for the bit where I had to peel David off the screen. ;)

I would love the flashbacks (or forwards) to have been futury Jack. Then he could be having to meet Angelo to try to fix things, but not actually knowing who he is, and only having half the story, which could make things okay more complicated. But.

I guess you're right, though. More Moffat than RTD. Still a good idea though!
Aug. 26th, 2011 10:10 pm (UTC)
OK, so still not enough answers for me. I also noticed the lack of Oswald for the past two weeks. Hasn't bothered me really because I don't know what he's got to do with the main story anyway. I doubt he is involved with the Miracle at all.

Major Kira did take a long time in appearing didn't she; I thought she was never going to turn up. Looking at the preview for the next episode; is that Q?

I'm wondering where this Jack is in his timeline. Post Doctor obviously, and I would also say not during his time taking the slow path through the 20th Century as he wouldn't have had the clothes from WW2 until he got there. This implies that he has jumped back in time at some point, but when, as we know the Doctor disabled his vortex manipulator.

So did Jack manage to fix it somehow after CoE and jump back in time?

Or is this the Jack that was buried, dug up and then frozen for most of a century? Perhaps they unfroze him for just this one job (more than a year?).

We probably won't know, which will be a shame.
Aug. 27th, 2011 02:39 pm (UTC)
You're right, there weren't really any answers at all this week. I think I may have overlooked that rather at the time. I was enjoying the episode too much! I'm hoping that this is the start of the answers, though. We now know all about Angelo, and hopefully some explanations will come either from him or through him. I'm assuming that Kira is important somehow too, and this is the start of the final chapter.

As for when this is in Jack's timeline, he was wearing a very modern t-shirt and shirt to begin with. I doubt they'd have dug up frozen!Jack, as it was too important to keep him out of the way, so I think this must have been a time leap somehow. Either that or the costuming department did the worst job ever. That "seven hundred years since my last confession" means it's definitely not slow path Jack, but I think you're right, and we will almost certainly never know for sure when he was from.
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