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Torchwood: Miracle Day VI

Not the most eventful episode of Torchwood tonight, although it wound up with an awesome cliffhanger, so obviously it was an important episode for putting people where they needed to be for the next round. Not a lot to talk about though, really. Still - at least it means a little variety, as for once I'm not muttering endlessly about Bill Pullman. Which is kind of a shame. There were some slower moments in this episode that would have picked up nicely with a bit of Oswald and Jilly bickering. Maybe they'll make up for that next week.

And in the meantime, aside from the awesome - if massively predictable - cliffhanger, can I just suggest to the makers of the show that Gwen be allowed to blow up massive government buildings every week? Possibly more than once a week. And she should always do it on a motorbike. It was halfway between spectacularly daft and brilliantly cool, and that so often sums up Torchwood. :D She had a splendidly stupid moment later, mind. She's wanted. No way are her friends going to page her in a bloody airport! But she answered the telephone anyway. Oh Gwen. Have you learnt nothing?! Even that paled into insignificance next to the stupidity of Rex, though. Let's see... Chained to a post... check. Dangerously injured... check. Completely helpless... check. I know! Let's tell the murderer that we know all about his crimes! That can't possibly go wrong.

I guess Jack had custody of the team brains this week, huh.

Gwen blows up half of Wales. On a motorbike.

Jack is very happy about this.

A so-so episode, then, but it had its moments. From now on though, writers, it definitely needs more Jack.

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