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Vampires, and killing them mostly

I am bored with True Blood this season. I never thought that would happen. Ever since it started it's been mad and fun, and full of action and good things. Then suddenly in this season it's all gone wrong. Nothing's happening, and there's two million plot strands that are going nowhere extremely slowly. Every episode seems to involve Sookie and Eric having endless sex, and Eric's had his personality removed. I wasn't much of a fan of his to begin with - a charming killer! Wow, never seen that before - but at least as a charming killer he had something going for him. Now all he does is sigh over Sookie, and make wishy-washy puppy dog eyes at everybody. I want to stake him. Bill nearly did, but he let him go out of compassion. What about compassion for me, Bill? I like you best, even though the rest of the internet prefers Eric The Witless Viking. Be nice to me. Just stake him already.

It's not fair. I want proper True Blood back, where loud things happen very quickly, and it's all funny and action-packed and exciting. At the moment I feel like I'm watching half a dozen different shows that have all been chopped up and then mixed together in a weird, entirely non-cohesive jumble of boring. And there isn't nearly enough Bill.

But then I find that Buffy is coming back! Well, not actually Buffy, just Sarah Michelle Gellar. This isn't quite the same thing, because I don't think that Sarah Michelle Gellar has ever slayed any actual vampires. Nonetheless, this is very promising. Perhaps she'll stake Eric? She's not going to be in True Blood, she's going to be in a completely different show, and on a completely different network, but this needn't be an issue. Long stake? Very good aim? I'm not fussy. Looks like an interesting show, anyway. Might be nice to have something to watch this autumn, since I'm half sure I won't be bothering with season two of Hawaii Five-O. And, as a plus - Nestor Carbonell! Now that's what True Blood needs. An amazing, undying hero, with his own secret island and a god who lives in a foot. Actually that probably isn't what True Blood needs is it. Oh, but it needs something. For now I think I shall go on hoping for Buffy. And also hoping that Nestor Carbonell doesn't get built up to be awesome in this new series, only to be given a spectacularly rubbish backstory in the final season. Not that I still bear any grudges over how Lost turned out or anything.

This might be a good time to shut up. The trailer for The Buffy & Richard Show follows under the cut, with guns and tuxedos and boats and some fisticuffs, which is all very promising. I just wish I could say the same for True Blood. Are the four episodes that are left enough for it to suddenly get good again? I hope so. If not, I really will be hoping for Buffy to turn up and stake the entire cast. Except Bill. And Pam, obviously.

I don't like it when good shows stop being good. It's a silly way to make television.


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Aug. 15th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
I never watch this series, but I enjoy your posts. And I want to steal this new classic line for a FB status. haha. Or some version of it!

"At the moment I feel like I'm watching half a dozen different shows that have all been chopped up and then mixed together in a weird, entirely non-cohesive jumble of boring."
Aug. 16th, 2011 05:35 pm (UTC)
Ordinarily I would gasp in horror at the idea of not watching "True Blood", and encourage you to start immediately - but right now I think you've probably got the right idea! *childish aulking*
Aug. 15th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
I have given up on True Blood - notmywife watches, and I just look at the Pam bits, or the occasional flash of naked Eric. As far as storyline goes - this season is so far away from the book (and this was one of Charlaine Harris' best and most popular Sookie books) that it's right in badfic-AU territory. Alan Ball is probably ruining the Eric/Sookie romance (which is KEY to the books) in order to make people okay with him putting Sookie back with Bill.
Aug. 16th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
As somebody who doesn't have any interest in the books, Alan Ball's decision to veer away from them has never bothered me. He's always been pretty upfront about not wanting to stick too close to them, and I know that has pleased some people and annoyed others. Right now I just want it to stop being boring, though! Eric's amnesia in particular seems like a horrible mistake.
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