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Torchwood: Miracle Day II

Why are there so many days in my week that aren't Thursday? I'm sure this is a very inefficient distribution of time. I make that six days in every seven that don't have Torchwood in them, and frankly that's just wrong. I am spending the vast majority of my time nowhere near anything remotely Torchwoody. Except, okay, large poster on the wall just behind me. But that's only slightly Torchwoody. Okay, very Torchwoody. I may have slightly lost my point.

Anyway, Torchwood. As mentioned at some point last week, the BBC likes to give me Torchwood for a bit, and then take it away again. Currently they're giving me fifty-four minutes of it every Thursday, and then taking it away again for an entire week and that just isn't fair. Especially when I have to spend half of my week hiding from large chunks of the internet, because they got to watch it several days earlier. And anyway, I have Torchwood.

The story is still building up slowly, but I like the way they're doing it. Bit clumsy maybe, but it's Torchwood. I'm not expecting Edge Of Darkness (the proper version, with Bob Peck, not the movie version that wasn't). Nothing blew up this week, but there were walking cadavers, which have a certain entertainment value. Also, Gwen disassembling a plane in order to save Jack from arsenic poisoning is definitely the best thing that's been on my television since... well, since Gwen disassembled a helicopter last week, but with a bazooka instead of a small knife. Might be best not to let Gwen near flying vehicles in future.

And in the meantime, there was gratuitous wriststrap, and Bill Pullman being brilliant, and everybody having to take extra care of The Coat. And I want more Jack and Gwen next week please, as there's just a bit too much of random traitorous CIA personnel at the moment. Although the one of them was in Dead Again, so I'm quite happy with him. Partly because I love that film, and partly because it's strangely fitting given the subject matter. Ish. Or not at all, who cares, I have Torchwood.

I don't have a secret underground base with a pterodactyl in it, for which I will never be able to forgive Russell T Davies, but I do have Torchwood. Apparently I have eight more episodes of it, but there's still this waiting thing, and this Only On Thursdays thing, and this is going to take some adjustment.

I don't miss Ianto in the slightest. Does this make me a bad person? Do I care? I miss the secret underground headquarters, and I miss the pterodactyl, and I quite miss the Weevils, and I would definitely like more Captain John. I don't miss Ianto, though. He never really did anything to miss. Sorry, Ianto. It's true, though.

Um... yeah. So there was Torchwood. And, rather brilliantly, it was prefaced with a loud and shiny trailer for The Night Tonight's The Night Tonight, or whatever the bloody hell that show is that Barrowman presents on a Saturday night. I can never remember, and it's terrible, but I love that they trailer it before Torchwood. Here's John Barrowman in shiny stripes, dancing and singing with his sparkly Barrowmanettes! And here he is saving the world from an alien invasion! Hurrah!

But he's not saving it with a pet pterodactyl. And that will never cease to not be right. Ho hum.

Okay, so they're under arrest, handcuffed, and trapped on a plane with a murderer. But they're still way cooler than the CIA.

I have no idea why the entire world seems to fancy this man, but whatever. He's the biggest damn hero on TV anyway.

Just as long as he doesn't try to sing any more Queen songs.


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Jul. 22nd, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
Hee. I knew you'd geek out over 'Dead Again'! :)) And yeah, i'm missing the pterodactyl as well. And the Hub. Such a cool set. Loved the scene on the plane, though. Rex is shaping up really well. Interested to see where Bill Pullman's story is going too. And that weird PR woman. Who she?!

There's a good interview with Bill Pullman in the Telegraph, btw. can i put a link, or will it make my post self-destruct again?!
Jul. 22nd, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
No, you can post links again now. Posts with links on didn't get annihilated, anyway. Just sent to purgatory. :p I've set it now so only people with LJ accounts can comment. Whether that'll stop the bloody spam, I'll have to wait and see...

Think I've read that interview anyway though, unless there's a new one. Here? It's rather nice.
Jul. 22nd, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Yes, that's the one. Mangoes!:) Should have known i couldn't beat you to anything Torchwoody! :)
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