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Torchwood: Miracle Day

There has been no Torchwood for a long time. The BBC keeps doing this; they give us a little bit of Torchwood, and then they take it away again for ages. And then they bring it back for a bit, and make it a bit shinier (and a bit less original, but apparently to the wider world, "less original" means "better"). And then they take it away again. I am not entirely sure that this is acceptable behaviour, but the BBC is very hard to argue with.

But now they are apparently giving me ten whole new episodes. This is five more than they gave me last time, so I am trying to overlook the fact that it's also three less than they used to give me. Given that episode one involved helicopters, however, it's probably rather more expensive than it used to be, so I should be understanding, and not make too much of a fuss about being three episodes down. I am not very good at understanding. Obviously the BBC and all of the important people involved in making me shiny new Torchwood all read this stuff all the time, so I would like to make it clear at this point that I would much rather have thirteen episodes of cheap Torchwood than ten episodes of very flash Torchwood. However.

I have Torchwood! Shiny new Torchwood, with the long, swishy RAF coat, and the wriststrap! I have missed the wriststrap. And I hope that the watchchain didn't blow up when the lovely secret underground headquarters did. Maybe it's indestructible too? After all, if you're indestructible, you'll want your things to be as well. And the wriststrap obviously is. Sorry, I appear to be rambling.

It has new opening credits. I do not like the new opening credits. Why does every TV show suddenly want really bland, white-screen opening credits, with totally blanded out, revamped music? White Collar has just done it too, but has seen the light and agreed to give us back the good theme. Somehow I can't see Torchwood following suit. It really is rubbish, though. It's like somebody went out of their way to create the most uninteresting opening sequence ever. And okay, so it only lasts for about ten seconds, so maybe I shouldn't object; but it's Torchwood, so I can't not care a ridiculous amount, and give me my flashy old opening sequence back now.

Other thoughts. PC Andy! Except he got promoted, which made me ridiculously happy for him. He's Sgt Andy now. Hooray! And Rhys is as great as ever. And okay, Gwen striding about the place, blasting stuff with a heavy duty pistol while there's a baby in her arms is maybe a bit daft, but this is Torchwood. Who wants it not to be daft? This is the show that gave us a cyborg in high heels wrestling a pterodactyl.

There are other people in it as well. American people. Bill Pullman, but he's always good, so that rather goes without saying. And him out of ER, who always seems to be cross with somebody. And a woman I don't know yet, but who we'll probably see again. They all did some stuff, which I can't really go into, as I don't want to be spoilering anybody who's waiting until Thursday to see it. So there's a plot, basically, and it's exciting, but I can't really talk about it. And it was a bit slow, but that's good, as there's ten episodes to let this build up, and it doesn't all have to be tap dancing and arm waving and yelling, the way that Doctor Who so often is nowadays. And it built up beautifully anyway, and damn I have missed Captain Jack. And the wriststrap, and the swirly coat, and shutting up now because anything else will probably be a spoiler.

It's not perfect. I don't know that Torchwood has been really, truly perfect since that first season that ran back in 2006, before the BBC decided that "popular" was more important than "tailor-made for me". Which is probably fair, even if I refuse to be entirely reasonable on that point. But I want episode two now, please. I've had to wait years, and now I have to wait another week? This is not fair.

And hey, Robin Sachs! In a horribly small cameo, which is not fair, and he should be made a regular, please. But he was there, and that was nice. Robin Sachs should be on TV more. I was shutting up two paragraphs ago, wasn't I. Never mind. If you take away all the waffle, it all boils down to a fairly simple one sentence review anyway. Namely that Captain Jack is awesome. And boy have I missed him.

That sounds like two sentences, but one starts with "and", so grammatically it should probably only have been one. I'm going to go away now, and see what other people thought of Torchwood, and probably get angry with them for not liking it enough. One thought to leave you with.

How can you not be glad to see this man?

Welcome back, Torchwood. :)


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Jul. 9th, 2011 10:40 pm (UTC)
Just saw it here - legally! - and very weird to have to wait through the commercial breaks. Jack was really pretty good, had a very evocative first scene, and I don't mind the new coat. Nice little injoke at the hospital. Gwen -- well, let's me tactful, she hasn't changed, so if you liked her before you'll still like her - Eve's either not a very good actress or the directing was off.
Jul. 10th, 2011 08:34 am (UTC)
I've never had an issue with Gwen. I know that a lot of people do, though.

One thing that amused me was when the CIA woman was looking through the Torchwood files, and one of the pictures that she found was a publicity still from "The Empty Child". I think I have it in the season one sticker book. :)
Jul. 14th, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
Now that it's aired on the BBC...
Any chance of a spoilery filled review of episode 1? *hopeful look*
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