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YouTube videos that make you smile...

Right. If everybody that I like could just stop dying for a bit, please? I've posted enough memorial notices this year... Anyways, for a complete change of pace, those who have been reading this nonsense for long enough may remember the Thunder In Paradise rambling of a year or two back, showcasing Martin Brubaker - a piano virtuoso, computer geek, martial arts expert, ex-Navy SEAL, with a thing for cordon bleu cookery. Because one personality quirk is never enough, is it. Bru was of course played by Chris Lemmon, son of one of my favourite actors, Jack Lemmon - and here's a lovely clip of him playing piano for Shirley MacLaine at a gala tribute to Jack himself. Two Lemmons for the price of one, plus piano-playing. I like this clip a ridiculous amount.

Why do I not have a Thunder In Paradise icon? Somebody on the internet ought to have. Still, Entirely Irrelevant Desi Arnaz is always good as a substitute.

As an added bonus, this clip dates from the late eighties, which was around the time that Chris was starting work on Knot's Landing. Some may not consider this worthy of celebration, but I do. He played a psychopath who accidentally killed himself with an exploding car phone, whilst in the process of trying to murder somebody else. Still not entirely sure how that worked, given that the bomb was supposedly in her phone, but if explosions want to transmit themselves via satellite, who am I to argue. Anyway, it was funny. And I'm rambling again.

It's a nice clip, anyway. The internet could use a little more Lemmon.


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Jun. 11th, 2011 12:33 am (UTC)
You scared me for a minute, I thought you were about to say that Chris Lemmon died! Aww, I loved Jack's reaction in the video, he looks genuinely happy. And can Shirley's dress get any shorter? lol. That was a great clip! Thanks for keeping it happy. :D The rest of the blog? Hilarious as always. :D
Jun. 12th, 2011 09:55 am (UTC)
His reaction is one of the things that make it so nice. He's so obviously enjoying it all. I like Jack Lemmon. :) Funny how we can become so fond of some actors, isn't it!
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