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Mermaids & My Two Dads

Though not necessarily in the same place. More from the late eighties in a moment, but for now it's still the late seventies, and the penultimate episode of Man From Atlantis. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or there will be, once the warbling mergirl is out of the way.

Cassiopeia! She of Starbuck's girlfriend fame, although I think she must have filmed this first. And pirates! Must be in for a fun episode then, huh. Or not. There are some pluses to this one, though. Mark's finally remembered that he has to wear sunglasses when he's out and about, which is good. He's been forgetting them recently, and it's a bit annoying when they keep ignoring the fact that he's not human. Actually I think that's the only plus. I may have been a little premature in my use of a plural.

In this episode, some pirates have kidnapped a little mermaid girl, and are using her to capture ships. She warbles, they roll over and play dead. Mark, as usual, is immune. He's got a remarkable constitution. He's also developed another of his long line of random superpowers: this week he can speak fluent mermaid. He doesn't know who he is, or where he comes from, but he does apparently know all about the mer-people. Still, I suppose it's possible that he's picked that up since he got the amnesia. Armed with his useless submarine, Mark sets out to battle the pirates; although needless to say he leaves the sub behind before he does anything interesting. Elizabeth, however, he does not leave behind this time, because Elizabeth has finally given up and left. I can't say as I blame her, as she's done absolutely nothing at all since being kidnapped in the final of the telemovies, back in episode four. Where she's gone, who can say. Nobody seems to have noticed her departure, anyway, which rather goes to underline just how useless the poor woman was.

Elizbethlessness doesn't seem to be bothering Mark any, certainly. As he and the mergirl wail and hum at each other - and it's a humming with healing powers, no less - the pirates catch on that something is up, and capture Mark. He then pretends to be dead, a pretence that's helped by the fact that they check his pulse and discover he doesn't have one. Mark doesn't have a pulse?! Since when?! I'm pretty sure this would have been noticed in the past, if it really were the case. Such as in the big medical presentation that we got from Elizabeth back in the pilot movie, in the days when she still had dialogue. So either she wasn't nearly as good a doctor as we were led to believe, or the writers have decided to rejig Mark again, or he's developed yet another random superpower. All of these options are as rubbish as each other, so I think I'll just hope that the pirates are really bad at checking pulses. Anyway, Mark escapes with the minimum of fuss. Doesn't he always.

That's it, pretty much. He sets the little mermaid free, and then goes home. Wherever home is. If Elizabeth has ceased to exist, where's he going to live now? Her successor at the research centre might object to having a strange man in yellow shorts living in the bathtub.

Elsewhere, My Two Dads has unexpectedly turned into Fright Night. At some point between season two and season three, Joey has apparently had a fight with an electrical socket, or has lost a bet with his hairdresser, or something. His hair has always been a little off-putting, in a really drastic eighties way. A sort of "stand up, wave your arms in the air, and declare loudly how very eighties! you are" sort of way. Much in the same way as Michael's chunky sweaters and cardigans. Then we hit season three and it's like the eighties, realising they're about to end, have decided to have one last party on Joey's head.

Season two. Normal, if a bit... naff.

And then season three. He even looks rather taken aback by it himself.

Hair dye and blow dryers, Joey. Two things you might be wanting to stay away from for a while...

Meanwhile, whilst mucking about on YouTube I found this. It makes me ridiculously happy, even if it does feature a beard.

Okay, so that isn't really My Two Dads-related. Is good though. :)


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Apr. 20th, 2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
I'll be quite glad when Man From Atlantis is out of the way. Then I can go back to thinking of it as the show I always imagined it was, rather than the one it turned out to be!

My Two Dads I will miss, though. They should make me some more episodes now. My Two Grandads, or something.
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