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Bugs: Shotgun Wedding

A tag team of Italian politicians arrives in London. Not sure why, but they do. They represent a new party aimed at eradicating political corruption, so you just know that at least one of them is going to be corrupt. Pretty soon it becomes clear that the plan is for at least one of them to also be dead. Across town though, a computer software engineer is busy hiring the Bugs team to check out his security, and - gosh! - he's engaged to be married to one of the politicians. Well whatever are the chances of that. Very quickly the team find themselves with an assassin to foil, a spy agency to stay one step ahead of, and a wedding to attend. It's all a day in the life of a gang of computer geeks.

Or technically one computer geek, one sort of half a computer geek, and Ed. But that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

As our politicians arrive in London, this man is watching them. Since he's only played a good guy about once in a career spanning decades, one can safely assume that there's trouble afoot.

Pursuing a suspect, Beckett arrives at an apparently abandoned building that has very heavy security. It also has some slightly worrying sky.

Upon breaking in, Beckett soon beats his own personal best time for 'Amount Of Potential Awkwardness Leaped Into Without Looking'. I think four guns at once is a new record too.

None of our politicians look like that. None of them dress like that, either - which is probably a good thing, given what they do look like.

Pretty buildings.

While Beckett is being waylaid by some top secret division of some top secret division of some top secret government spy department, Ros and Ed are tailing their latest client to a secret rendezvous with Lady Politician. Unbeknowst to them, an assassin is on his way as well, and as Ed performs a security check, he finds a man on the roof. They fight, but the man is able to throw Ed off for long enough to press his portable big red button. The bench where Lady Politician was sitting a moment before is obliterated in a big ball of fire, and the assassin escapes. Meanwhile, a big-headed bloke called Wence, who heads up the top secret team of top secret somethings, warns Beckett to stay off the case. This has absolutely no effect whatsoever, and reunited, the gang embark upon one of their foolproof plans.

Ed creeps about on a roof. Sadly he spoils the effect by talking to Ros all the time on their suddenly re-miniaturised hands-free widgets. Full marks for walking quietly, not quite so good on the shutting-up.

A bench explodes.

So, very nearly, do Ros and the clients.

This seems to leave Ros feeling very Not Happy.

The foolproof plan. The client is a software engineer, working on a program to create holograms. It has a very odd interface, but presumably he likes it. Ros puts her genius hat on and rewrites everything...

... creating a very jaunty Hologram Ted.

The client is impressed. Actually I think he's in love, which is a shame given that he's due to be married to somebody else tomorrow. Ros seems more interested in the teddy bear anyway. Meanwhile the assassin rings his employer.

Who, in a not-very-shocking twist, turns out to be the other of the corruption-free visiting politicians. He doesn't want to fight corruption. Corruption is good.

I agree. For starters it makes benches explode.

Ros has smaller binoculars than Beckett too.

The assassin has a very big gun, though.

Having lured the assassin to an out of the way place via a carefully scripted telephone call between the lovers, the team use the hologram program to create a hologram of Lady Politician. The assassin shoots at it and gives away his position, and now all that the team have to do is stop him. Unfortunately Ed is an idiot, and everything goes wrong.

Ed chases the killer outside, and watches as he's offed by Wence and his super secret team of super secret people.

Who then go to glare at Beckett for a bit about his involvement in their territory. Boy do they know how to make an entrance. This handily distracts Beckett and Ros long enough for Ed to be even more of an idiot than he was just a few minutes ago.

Ed decides that a Really Great Plan would be to zero in on a suspicious vehicle and pretend to be the assassin. You know, somehow it always seems rather cooler when they point guns at Beckett. Can't quite put my finger on why.

Beckett and Ros give chase, with some random thing with flashy lights on it.

Unfortunately for Ed, the real assassin was rubbish. He'd already failed several times in killing the politician, due once to Wence and the super secret agents, and twice to the Bugs team. This means that his employers are not best pleased with him - and, by association, with Ed. They tell him that he has one more chance to kill his target, this time at her wedding. To help him in this task, they thoughtfully fit him with a bomb vest, which will explode in fifteen minutes if he doesn't shoot the woman first. Given that most weddings seem to start late, I'd have thought that was cutting it a bit fine, but maybe things are different on television. Ed, beginning to realise that he might have made a few slight errors of judgement, now has to prevent himself from exploding, either by murdering somebody or by dismantling the timer - which he can't do because he's wired for pictures and sound. This also means that he can't call Ros and Beckett of course, although they find him soon enough. Evil bloke from the head of the show gets suspicious that their assassin isn't quite what he seems, and goes to interfere, so he and Beckett bounce each other off the scenery for a bit, whilst Ros tussles with the timing device on Ed's vest. For added fun and games, our killer politician, who has been invited along to the wedding as a guest, decides that he's going to join in as well and try to shoot everybody. So Ed has to shoot him whilst being de-wired by Ros, which leads to much shouting, and worrying about things that might be about to go bang.

Ed begins to think that maybe he should leave the actions scenes to Beckett. Or Ros. Or anybody else at all really.

Ed has a very big gun. Oddly he doesn't seem at all enthused about this.

Beckett hurls a surprise wedding present over a balcony.

The bride is less than delighted by his generosity. He then helpfully shouts at her to beware of her Evil Political Colleague, although he actually waits until after her Evil Political Colleague has got a gun to her head. I think this is due to bad editing, rather than bad timing on his part, but either way it looks a bit rubbish. Ed shoots the bad guy. Ros dismantles the bomb. Yet again there are no bad guys left alive to tell the tale. The Bugs team are a bloodthirsty lot.

Mind you, they do have a nice teddy bear.

Next time, industrial espionage. And stuff blowing up.

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