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Even more aliens! (sort of)

This one's not from the eighties. I cheated. I didn't see it until the eighties, though, so I plead special circumstances. Anyway, everybody knows the story by now, but this is the proper version. The original, and the only one that counts. So there. Following the destruction of the twelve colonies of humanity, the last survivors set out on a search for the lost thirteenth colony - which, although it's lost, everybody somehow already knows is called "Earth". I say twelve colonies, but in all honesty we only ever met anybody from Caprica, with the very occasional Sagittarian thrown in for good measure. The Arians were probably wisely skirted around, and I certainly don't remember any Virgins. So off they all set, meeting shedloads of humans every week, which leads me to suspect that there were rather a lot more than just thirteen colonies. On the way they frequently encountered the deadly(ish) Cylons, large, metal-encased monsters with an awesome flashing red eye, that Glen A Larson later nicked from himself to use again in Knight Rider. Stirring cords, a voiceover from Patrick Macnee - somewhat oddly, given that he played the deadly Cylon emperor - and things blowing up; this is definitely one of the good themes. The show itself wasn't bad either, even if it was made in a madcap rush, and was subject to endless interference from on high. Excellent battle scenes, cool space backdrops, and model spaceships that looked like they actually had a budget. Golly. None of which was enough to save the show, but c'est la sci-fi.

Later on, of course, somebody thought it would be a good idea to have another go, without the heroes, and with an obnoxious fourteen year-old super genius instead. Well boy, that sounds like a good plan. In all fairness, their replacements for Apollo and Starbuck couldn't really be called bad, and they did have flying motorcycles, which makes up for a lot. It's just that it was rubbish. Full marks to Barry van Dyke for looking like he was giggling throughout, though. Definitely the best approach.

Still, this is the proper theme, from the proper show. I have no idea why it's in widescreen, mind. It never used to be.

NB: Otherworld update. Episode one was a bit slow, but it all picks up in episode two. Having decided that school's a drag when you're stuck in another world, Trace gives up studying. This leads to him being abducted by the army, and press-ganged into service. On the plus side - shiny silver uniform! On the down side... pretty much everything else.

So remember, boys and girls - stick to the books. Although being able to shoot stuff with a laser rifle isn't really so very bad as an alternative life choice.


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Jun. 17th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
Oh yes!

I don't know how many times I've seen this with various repeats through the years. Still haven't got around to watching the reboot, so Starbuck is always a man.

Yeah, Galactica 80, was a bit pants.
Jun. 19th, 2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
Many people whose opinions I wouldn't usually reject out of hand assure me that the remake is good. I just couldn't get into it, though. Too dark, and full of 9/11 analogies. Plus the woman pretending to be Starbuck is awful. She turned up in Nip/Tuck for a bit last year, and nearly killed it.

It's certainly done well, though!
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