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Lost: The (Glowing Pixie Dust) Ending

So, Lost ended. And if I'm honest, it was pretty rubbish.

The main storyline was fine, actually, and much as people had predicted. Jack and Locke had the big showdown that's been brewing since season one (back when Locke was still Locke, and not a giant smoke monster pretending). Hurley became guardian of the island. I like that Ben stayed to help him, as he'd seemed like a dead man walking since around season three. He's probably still at least mildly evil, but if anybody can help him to redemption it's Hurley. I assume that Des will get back to civilisation eventually, although it's quite amusing that he was left stuck on the island, right where he was when this all started.

As for the rest, though - yes, the ending was good, with Jack finally finding something to sacrifice himself for, and the whole lot ending with the reverse of the opening shot of season one. But Kate survived, damn it. Where's the justice in a universe that kills off Sun and Jin, but lets Kate and Sawyer survive?! Still, they can always go back to the States and be annoying together. Except she's wanted, so they can't. Everybody seemed to forget that whenever escape came into the conversation, but sorry Kate. No happy ending for you. Okay, maybe I don't mind that she survived after all.

And Richard. What the hell's Richard going to do off-island?! He's made a few brief visits to the outside world in recent years, yes, but he's still spent the last century and a half living on a secret, magic island. What's he going to do for a living?! His CV basically includes farming, slavery, and (very) prolonged servitude to a magic pixie who lived in a foot. I suppose he could always look up Scary Eloise and ask for a job. And we never did find out why Locke was so desperate to have him on his team. I know that he's pretty, but when you're a giant pillar of smoke most of the time, the possibilities of companionship are limited. I guess he wanted him, as a fellow immortal, to go into the Shining Cave Of Plot Convenience, and pull the funky stone plug; but later Des turned up as another candidate for that job, and was a lot easier to control. Which might explain last week's Richard Pinball.

And Frank. What the hell?! He was hit at speed by an exploding three-inch-thick steel door, followed by the entire ocean, but he's just bobbing around in the sea looking a bit dazed?! And there is no way that that plane was flying. There's no way they could even get it in the air, let alone escape in it. They probably just crashed on another island a few miles away.

That's all by the by, though. Sarcasm aside, I don't have any objection to how the main storyline ended. The real issue that I have is with the parallel universe thing that's been a subplot throughout the final season. Everybody was there (barring Frank and Richard), but none of them knew each other. There were sweet little parallels to their real lives, and cameos from long dead stars of the earlier seasons. No Eko, though. Bah. And Des wanders through there, trying to reunite everybody with their friends from the real world, and with their memories, trying to bring everybody together for some great purpose, which appears to be to do with the battle against Evil!Locke back in the real world. Except no. In the final episode it's revealed that the parallel world is actually some kind of cosmic waiting room, where they all went when they died, and they've been hanging around there waiting for everybody to arrive and remember who they are, so they can go to heaven. Huh?! Complete with glowing and sparkling, and a big church filled with pixie dust. Goodness knows where Frank and Richard were. Frank presumably had more sense than to get involved, and I will settle for nothing less than Richard being off in a little cottage by the sea with Jacob and Smokey. Preferably somewhere without glowing churches and soul-saving pixie dust.

And why didn't afterlife!Rose and afterlife!Bernard have afterlife!Vincent with them? Are dogs not allowed in glowing pixie dust heaven? Unless he wound up with afterlife!Walt somewhere, although Walt never seemed to give him a second thought. And what happened to Jack and Juliet's parallel world son? Did he cease to exist when they went through the glowing church portal?

Oh, I don't know. The actual ending to the last six years was done well enough. The entire parallel universe storyline turned out to be utter bollocks, though. If they'd got rid of that, we'd have had the equivalent of another five or six episodes, which they could have used to cover the real world story. You know, producers. The one you asked your viewers to invest in for six years, rather than a load of nonsense about glowing churches. Really, really, really could have done without the afterlife thing. Really.



Still, I suppose there's story-telling potential in Mad Frank and his plane full of island escapees. He, Miles and Richard can go into business together or something. Tropical Island Tours. Polar bears optional.

Just don't mention the afterlife.



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May. 25th, 2010 06:43 pm (UTC)
Great review of the ending, you covered many of my points exactly, though I don't find Sawyer annoying, Kate, a little. Actually, wasn't Kate pardoned and mega rich now? She and Sawyer could share a blissful life until they die and then get trapped in this weird sideways world that is just as you said, a 'cosmic waiting room.' And the memories of who they really love them come back.

I have been calling Hurley as the new 'Jacob' for a long time. I thought he would be perfect, and having Ben as his No.#2, you're right, there's no one better than Hurley to help him find redemption. I felt bad for Desmond, getting stuck on the Island, but the Eloise of his nightmares told him, he's not going to be with Penny! Hurley and Ben need him though, he's the only one who can survive the energy. And as extra muscle (Perhaps the only MUSCLE...if you think about it..Ben, Hurley..Bernard?) Desi will be needed for the inevitable new people that will come to kill and destroy each other. The MIB was right about that.

I found there were a bunch of plot holes in this ending. Though the writers did warn us that not all the questions will be answered. Somehow, I found this season weak compared to my favorites 1,2, 4 and most of 5. I was more moved in previous seasons with other even smaller scenes that dealt with real/Island life. Personally it all flies in the face of my religious beliefs, even with the blatant stained glass 'window of religious tolerance.' But then again, it's pure fantasy and sci-fi to me anyway, so that's not even a complaint. The ending with Jack closing his eye and falling in the same exact spot was brilliant and a little expected, and it was really all they needed.

I feel like the show entirely dropped the ball with both Walt and Aaron and even the whole 'baby' issue on the Island. It kept us in suspense over how SPECIAL Walt and Aaron were for four seasons, even giving Walt 'powers' off the Island (remember the bird at the window and stuff in season 1?)then poof! they don't matter anymore?! That stinks. I wish Mr. Eko would have showed up somewhere too.

I could have totally done without the sideways world if I suspected that was gonna be the ending. To me it was just a ploy to bring back dead characters and keep us in suspense over who's gonna be with who and who's doing what in this world. As you felt, they could have had a GREAT real-world/Island ending by getting everyone back there for a final showdown with a couple more episodes. I was hoping for that, I thought it was going to happen. Still, how everyone got their memories back was beautifully executed. I did cry.

The sideways world ending didn't seem to fit in with much of anything the show was leading up to. I could be totally wrong, but that's how I saw it. And I liked David, Jack's son. He obviously just faded into nothingness once Jack got his memory back. Poor kid. Somehow, I feel cheated, but not as much as some of the people who lived through six years of nail biting suspense and HUH?? moments. I started watching all the episodes last year and caught up big time.

My sister and I shouted for Joy when we saw Frank survived. That was the biggest shocker of the finale. Jeff Fahey is the MAN!! I think I was more sad to see him go than Sun, Jin and Sayid. But I drowned my sorrows in watching homemade copies of 'The Marshal'-Don't know why in the world it's not out on DVD.

I wish it was explained how he survived. Frank will definitely go on to open his own Island charter plane company with Miles and Richard in tow, At night he'll guzzle Pina Coladas while the song 'If you like Pina Colada' plays, and all the while he will feverishly write his memoirs of this crazy Island, entitled..
'We're not going to Guam...are we?"

Lost is like 'The Neverending Story' The series with some of these characters may be over, but the ultimate story isn't. Altogether, it had a great story and it will go down as one of the best shows ever on television.

May. 27th, 2010 02:04 pm (UTC)
Frank's great. I'm glad he survived. I was never entirely sure what the point of him was, but he was always worth watching, even when he was just sitting around on the beach. I'm still not entirely sure how he survived, though! And I'm sulking that Sun and Jin didn't. They were my favourite characters back in the old days, until they ceased to be given anything to do. I switched allegiance to Des and Richard then. Shadowy immortals are always fun (see also Methos), and Des was awesome with his future-seeing abilities. "The Constant" is probably the finest episode that the show ever had.

The Walt story arc should have been interesting. I was looking forward to seeing how that played out, but the silly sods in charge apparently failed to realise that small children grow up quickly, meaning that they had to get rid of him! Only something like sixty days went by in those first three years of the show, and he wasn't going to carry on looking nine for three years. Not unless they pickled him, anyway. The Aaron thing was also odd. Why was it so important that Claire raise him? Still, she's going to now, so I suppose that's that one dealt with.

And we got to see Vincent again at last. When push comes to shove, that's all that really matters anyway. ;)
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