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Orange paint and Greek parrots

In a hotel in the Caribbean, a man tears a strange advertisement out of a newspaper. He seems to be planning to follow it up, but shortly afterwards he is killed by a jealous lover. The newspaper clipping comes into the possession of Nemesis, where Tremayne is convinced that its oddness points to it being some sort of code, perhaps for crooks to use to contact one another. The only way to be sure is if one of the Champions follows it up themselves, to see where the trail leads.

Once again, it's Craig playing the role of inside man; or "stick your head in the lion's mouth" man, to be strictly accurate. Still, last time was in London, and this time is in Jamaica, so at least this time he can get a tan with his weekly peril. Not that he's likely to see it that way, but that's his lookout. Contacting a very strange shop owner, Craig is soon packed off on a flight over a group of Caribbean islands, scanning the ground for a missing something. At this point he doesn't actually know what he's looking for, but this doesn't discourage him in the slightest. Before he can get very far, however, somebody else turns up at the shop bearing another copy of the advert, and the shop owner realises that Craig is a fake. He radios the plane where, after a brief struggle, Craig is shot and dumped out over the sea. He's had better days, let's be honest. Still, on the plus side, he is in the Caribbean. And yes, shark-infested. But still...

An advert in a newspaper is the start of another adventure for the Champions.

Oh dear. Yes, this is another of Sharron's 'hat' episodes. There's no escaping it. She will, at various points in this episode, be wearing things on her head. Fortunately only within the confines of Geneva, but it's still pretty unsettling.

In fact it's so bad that Richard is refusing to even appear on the same side of the desk as her current outfit.

Nico, a shop owner in the Caribbean. Nico is Greek. He is not, in any way whatsoever, 'El Caudillo' from "The Iron Man" painted orange.

The Orange Iron Man Nico gives Craig some explosives, that he is apparently to use on something, when he finds it. Since he doesn't yet know what he's supposed to find, this could be difficult. Needless to say, Craig is not discouraged.

And that, I think, is that for Nico. He does make other appearances, but that orange paint is just too disturbing to keep capping it.

Nico's two confederates, Anton Rodgers and a faintly psychotic pilot. I'm sure she has a name, but I don't remember hearing it.

At a nearby hotel, meanwhile, Richard and Sharron discuss tactics.

Whilst up in the skies, Operation: Find Something Unspecified gets underway.

Don't look at the camera, Craig. Whatever it is that you're looking for, you're unlikely to find it there. As it turns out, he's not going to find it anywhere though, for very soon the faintly psychotic pilot gets a message from Nico telling her that Craig is to be disposed of. Overhearing, he quickly makes mincemeat of Anton Rodgers, and also knocks out the pilot.

This of course has the effect of making everything go diagonal. Which in TV Land is never good.

Craig grabs the stick, and struggles to regain control of the rapidly diving aeroplane.

The faintly psychotic pilot, however, decides that this would be a good time to shoot him. If I was Anton Rodgers, I think I'd be looking for a new pilot round about now.

Alerted to the issue of deadly Craig-peril via Championsvision, Richard and Sharron try to work out where he is. For some reason Richard's not picking up any vibes at all, so in a world first, it's actually Sharron who gets to play the empathy game. Maybe Richard's low on batteries. She and Richard fish out a map, and manage to pinpoint Craig's location as somewhere in the middle of the sea. They then shrug, decide that he's probably okay then, and head off to do something else instead. Huh?! That really is exactly how it happens, too. "He's about here," pointing to the middle of the sea. "Oh, all right then. Let's go do something else." Fine... The something else in this instance is trying to find out what's going on. Richard breaks into Nico's shop, and finds a map detailing a search that's been going on over a group of islands, whilst Sharron attempts to charm some information out of Anton Rodgers. Meanwhile, having obviously decided that he'll have to save himself, since his friends can't be bothered to help out, Craig has washed ashore on a deserted island. Not so deserted, as it turns out though, as there's somebody already living there. Fortunately he has a handy medical kit nearby, and a ready supply of something in a bottle - might be water, might be vodka. He's clearly a good person to get found by, should you ever happen to get lost in the Caribbean, anyway.

Richard and Sharron attempt to pinpoint the position of their missing team mate, using a roadmap and avid concentration.

He's in the sea, apparently.

Somebody has painted our all-purpose hall bright pink. Oh, the indignity.

Sharron charms Anton Rodgers, in the hope of finding out what's going on.

Whilst Richard searches Nico's office, looking for further clues.

Sharron attempts to hypnotise Anton Rodgers, along with the entire viewing public.

He's hopeless, though - or very well trained. All that he'll tell her is that he's there on vacation. Frustrated, she tells him that he'll wake up with a hangover. :D

A rather nice Caribbean beach.

Where Craig has been washed in with the tide.

Craig Friday is found by his very own Robinson Crusoe. Hurrah!

Robinson Crusoe is actually called Clive, as it turns out. I have no idea why he's living on this particular island all on his own, but he seems very happy there.

He patches up his Man Friday, and during the course of a conversation, mentions that there's a crashed plane nearby. Craig puts two and two together, and realises that this must be what the bad guys are looking for. He persuades Robinson Clive to take him there.

Note the rather large bruise on the right hand side of Craig's face, incidentally. Whilst watching the episode, you can amuse yourself looking for the moments when it disappears and reappears at will. :) It makes rather a good team with Craig's amazing self-cleaning trousers.

Craig and Clive find the crashed plane, more or less at the same time as the bad guys, who fortunately have to report back to their home base to get some parachutes before they can go in for the kill. That's not exactly being prepared, is it. Richard and Sharron have also spotted the wreck, and figured out what the mission is all about, but they have go off and find themselves a boat before they can do anything. All in all, it's one big disorganisation party, really. Craig examines the crash, finding a device that blocks radar signals, rendering any vehicle carrying it invisible to radar. Hence the super secret plane crash, presumably. They also find the body of the pilot. Soon, Anton Rodgers and a confederate come parachuting in, and set about preparing to blow up the wreck, having first winkled out the super secret box. Clive watches from amongst the trees, but there's no sign of Craig. As Richard turns up to neatly dispatch Anton Rodgers, Craig rises up from amongst the wreckage, dressed in the clothes of the dead pilot, in order to deal with the confederate. It's a splendidly pointless piece of makebelieve, but I guess he likes boiler suits. Also, to be fair, he's spent a day and a half lost at sea, has lost a good deal of blood, and has spent several hours drinking neat vodka with his new best friend, so it's quite possible that he's not exactly thinking all that clearly.

Richard and Sharron hire a plane so that they can join in with the search party.

I like the Caribbean. It's pretty. :)

Sharron demonstrates her 'thoughtful' expression.

Whilst Craig reaches the site of the plane crash, having lost his bruise somewhere en route. Perhaps it'll catch up in a minute or two.

Yep, there it is.

A crashed plane. A crashed super secret plane, apparently.

Craig and Clive find a radiophonic box of tricks inside it, which is also super secret.

Meanwhile, having abandoned their plane, Richard and Sharron come to join the party on a boat. Unfortunately the boat's progress is hampered by vast amounts of sweeping leaves.

Leaves that bear no resemblance to anything on the plants that they're coasting past, but which are nonetheless in abundance.

They also seem to have some sort of vendetta against Sharron.

Craig plays dress up for no readily apparent reason.

Whilst back in Geneva, Sharron's headgear fetish is once more in evidence. Tremayne is congratulatory about the mission, but really, it's all about the Hat. On the plus side, it does show good distracting tactics on Sharron's part, as it turns out. Tremayne is so flabbergasted by the Hat that he completely fails to ask Craig how he managed to survive being shot, thrown out of an aeroplane, and being lost at sea for a day and a half. All hail the Hat.

Or not.

Good grief. It's like a big, green footstool for heaven's sakes...

Next up, in hopefully less hatty fashion, is "Project Zero".


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Feb. 21st, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
We're learning a lot about the crew/writers on this show... someone likes stretching Craig, and someone (maybe the same person??) likes dumping Craig in the pool at Elstree (or wherever they are) and getting him wet. But someone else doesn't think he should get bruised up quite as much as he does, and works against it...with little success.

And the hairdresser works for another show, so some episodes Sharron has to make do with a hat instead of an intricate 60s 'do'.

The screencap of Sharron 'seeing' (and ignoring) the sea that Craig's landed in might have been the height of picture-mixing technology...but it does look like someone's holding a crumpled bit of clingfilm over the shot, I'm afraid! (I admit it looks better on film).

And it's damn lucky she changed out of her orange dress into the blue one-shouldered number, or she'd have clashed horrifically with that pink hallway. But at least a pink hall shows we're in the Caribbean, as everyone knows everything is bright colours and happy over there. Even the resident 'Greeks'.

I do find the whole boat/leaves thing highly amusing. Especially as the shot of the island shows it has lovely white beaches, yet Rich and Sharron spend a LONG time powering through mangrove swamps...
Feb. 22nd, 2010 08:08 am (UTC)
It's a fascinating island, certainly. Maybe it's actually the one from "Lost". Shame we saw no signs of polar bears or giant statues.

Yikes yes, the orange dress in that hall... It's just as well Nico never went there either. Honestly, you have to wonder at the make-up department over that one. "Yes, we'll just paint him bright orange. That'll look perfectly natural..."
Feb. 21st, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
Craig's amazing self-cleaning trousers. and now we know the origin of Jack's amazing indestructible coat - he shares a tailor with Craig!
Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:52 am (UTC)
And Manimal, whose clothes miraculously grow back after he tears his way out of them during each transformation. :)
Feb. 24th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
I'm laughing too hard to even comment, well almost. Hey Sharron did many color changes this time instead of sticking to pink. There must be some good in that, even despite the hats. Thanks for the summary, and pics, awesome as usual.
Feb. 25th, 2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
She changes clothes a lot, doesn't she! You'd think she would have more important things to do, what with saving the world on a regular basis, but clearly clothes come first. ;)
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