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International super carrots?

On a small fictitious island in the Caribbean, an American woman is working as part of a science project. When the project is over, and she tries to go home, she finds that her visa has been revoked, preventing her from leaving the island. Her divorce to a local man has been declared illegal, which officially makes her a citizen, and as such she can only leave with permission from the local authorities. It's permission that they're not prepared to give, because she's a famous scientist, and her help is wanted by the government's minister of science. Champions to the rescue!

Sharron seems to be on her way to work, riding in a train with a faulty light in the carriage. She's reading Match, the same magazine that Richard was reading in the train in the previous episode (not the present day football magazine with the same name). My Google-fu does not extend to finding out much about it, though. I wonder if it was popular in the sixties. Anyways, an extremely dodgy-looking man comes into the compartment to sit down, and when the lights fail, he makes a stab at stealing an old lady's purse. Sharron, whose super powers give her perfect night vision, sees him, and quick as lightning she switches the purse for a hot cup of coffee. The dodgy man is foiled, and another Champions super power has been outlined. It's a nice introduction to what will later be an important plot point.

Back at Nemesis HQ, Tremayne explains the latest case to the trio. The scientist is an American citizen, and needs to be rescued before things get nasty. The gang soon find themselves on the island of San Dios, therefore - just north of the Dominican Republic, for those who like to keep track of the geographic locations of places that don't really exist. Their target is under house arrest in her apartment, guarded by her ex-husband inside, and four policemen outside. Richard and Sharron distract the opposition long enough for Craig to slip into the building and pass on the news of a rescue to a decidedly underwhelmed scientist. Anybody would think that she liked being under arrest.

A scientist.

A rather less happy scientist, having just discovered that she's still 'happily' married to the wife-beating nut that she divorced ten years before.

Talk about the odd couple. At no point is it even remotely believable that she'd ever have married him in the first place.

A very dodgy-looking man on a train.

The lights go out, but in Champions World, darkness turns green, and everything is perfectly visible. Which is good news for little old ladies, and bad news for would-be purse snatchers.

Tremayne explains the latest case.

On San Dios, the gang take a look at the apartment block from which they plan to rescue the scientist. There are guards aplenty, but they have a Plan. For once, it doesn't involve any of them trying to get themselves killed. Much.

The ex-husband, who seems to be doing a permanent off-kilter George-Cole-as-Flash-Harry impersonation throughout – or Flash Harry's incompetent dark side, at any rate.

Sharron entices him out of the apartment by pretending to be a writer for a magazine, flattering and flirting, and generally telling him that he's the San Diosian equivalent to Robert Redford.

Whilst up on the roof of another apartment block, Richard waves a pair of binoculars around, so that the reflection of the sunlight on the lenses attracts the attention of the police guard. Suspecting that he's Up To No Good, they give chase. Keeping his super powers in check, he lets them nearly get him several times, always staying neatly ahead.

Then he does a Steve McQueen, and leads them off cross-country. They all follow him, the silly sods.

Craig then nips upstairs, and leaves this note for the scientist. She reads it aloud. "Your apartment is bugged, please be silent." And she reads it aloud. And she's supposed to be a genius?!

She lets him in, and he uses his amazing super powers to detect a bug, blocking it with a radio. He then explains the plan. Back at police HQ, the man listening in grows suspicious of the radio, however, and turns on a second device – a camera. Craig, you clown. Don't give up the bug detecting just because you've found one bug! A police unit is immediately dispatched to grab the intruder.


Craig nips up onto the roof, where he and his appalling brown pointy shoes look for a place to hide.

The only place is in a tank full of dirty water.

The doggie is well aware that he's in there, because it's a clever doggie, but the humans refuse to believe it. One of them does take a quick look into the tank, but because he can't see anybody, he gives up. You don't have to be a superhuman to hold your breath for half a second, for goodness sakes.

Somebody on staff likes getting Stuart Damon wet.

Out in the wilderness, Richard successfully evades capture by standing behind a blade of grass. The policemen really aren't the sharpest tools in the box, are they.

The scientist has meanwhile been taken into protective custody, to save her from any further men who might happen to be lurking in her apartment. It has been decided to keep her there from now on, something that does not meet with the approval of her nasty little ex-husband. Not happy with the police, who refuse to let him visit his 'wife', he swaggers off plotting revenge. Meanwhile the minister of science insists that the scientist be kept incommunicado. If the Champions are going to rescue her, they're going to have to get her out of the prison itself. On the surface it seems impossible, but there is, of course, that perfect night vision demonstrated by Sharron at the top of the show. All they have to do is sabotage the power station, and then they can walk right into the police building next door, and nobody will know a thing.

Having dried out, Craig joins Sharron at a café outside the prison into which the scientist has now been moved. I like how Sharron knows about Craig's swim without him needing to tell her.

Inside the prison, the scientist is not happy.

Neither's Richard particularly, since the policemen impounded his motorbike, and he's had a fifteen kilometre walk back to town.

The gang wait until dark before putting their plan into action.

Sharron waits with the car ready for a quick getaway.

Whilst Richard swings through the window of the power station.

Craig then takes a metal pipe to the generator.

Which turns everything in the police station into super green darkness. It's interesting how this makes the men reach for telephones, and the women reach for handbags. I'm going to give the latter the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they're going for matches, or cigarette lighters or something, but none put in an appearance, so I have to wonder. Is sudden, total blackness a really appropriate time to start wondering about your make-up?!

Richard and Craig lurk, showing off their amazing Championsvision, before sneaking about the place, looking at records right under the noses of the clueless cops, in order to find out which cell the scientist is being kept in.

Craig then kicks in the cell door, for no other reason than it being fun. I'm sure you could have found a key somewhere, Craig. The guards might not be able to see, but as far as I know, a lack of light doesn't suddenly render people deaf.

Having escaped from the police station just before the lights come back on again, the gang make their getaway. They're heading for a small fishing village on the coast, where a local man is going to help them make a rendezvous with a boat that will get them off the island. The car hits a rock on a narrow mountain road, however, and they have to cover the remaining distance on foot, giving the pursuing police officers a chance to catch up. With Craig and Richard gone in search of a boat with which to make the rendezvous, Sharron, the scientist, and the man who has been helping them, are all nabbed. Help is at hand from an unusual quarter, however, as the disillusioned ex-husband of the scientist, nasty little creep that he is, has decided that he'd rather take his chances in America than stick around on an island where nobody likes him. He pulls a gun on the police, and tries to help out with the escape, but doesn't quite make it. He and the police chief wind up shooting each other, just as Richard and Craig arrive to even the odds. Now all that's left is to make the rendezvous, and get the scientist off the island and to safety.

"I think I can see the problem," says the technical bod, as he pores over some complex looking electrical bits. Yes, I can see the problem too. Somebody lamped it with a bloody great pipe.

The gang hurry off in their car, looking for a distant fishing village that is helpfully not on the map.

How does somebody with perfect night vision, and the ability to detect danger before it comes, manage to run a car off the road?!

Now on foot, the team hurry on. They have miles and miles to walk, so Craig carries the scientist. Because he's super.

Dramatic silhouette moment.

Left behind when Craig and Richard go off looking for boats, Sharron and the scientist hide behind a secret panel when the police come knocking.

They're found, however, and hauled off to jail.

Down that same, very distinctive bit of road that was in Geneva in "Operation Deep-Freeze", and France in "A Case Of Lemmings". Boy does that bit of road get about. Happily, Craig and Richard are soon there to fight off the bad guys and win the day.

Back at HQ, Tremayne looks through the reports. Something interests him, however. How exactly did Craig and Richard see to rescue the scientist from a pitch black jail?


Carrots, says Richard. Lots and lots of carrots.

Tremayne is not convinced. Now there's a surprise. Still, there's not a lot that he can do about hs suspicions. Yet, anyway.

Next up, "The Ghost Plane".

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