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Thunder In Paradise #15

Episode 1x19, "Blast Off", and we're nearly out of episodes. Oh no!

There is a man. We know that he's a bad guy because his minions have comedy Russian accents. We also know that he's a bad guy because he's played by Richard Lynch, and it's against the law for him to play good guys. He plots, he plans, he mutters. He menaces his allegedly Russian companions. For some reason he wants to kill a loudmouthed senator, who is currently busy trying to land a marlin. Mind you, five minutes in his company, and I understand completely. The senator is not only loudmouthed and horrible to fish, he's also clearly a git. Richard Lynch is vindicated. Sadly, however, Spence and Bru have been assigned to protect the senator, so Richard Lynch is not allowed to kill him. He does try quite hard, however, so kudos to him for that. The show is barely five minutes old, and already there's a boat with a massive gun on top, that shoots a missile at the senator's boat. And this is where things get really silly. It may have crossed one or two minds by this point that Thunder In Paradise is not the most sensible show in the world. Sometimes, however, they really do manage to outdo themselves. Going up on deck with some magnetic clamps, Spence gets Bru to fire him overboard using some sort of specially guided catapult. Either that or Bru's one amazing shot. Spence lands on top of the missile, and using the magnetic clamps and his awesome super strength, turns it around. This confuses the presumably really stupid guidance system inside the missile, and as Spence jumps off, it beetles away to blow up the boat that fired it instead. This really is a lovely scene. I can't quite decide who gets the Stupid Award Of The Week here either. Is it Spence, who leaps onto a moving missile, quite sure that he can turn it around before it blows up the senator (he gets extra stupid points for trying to save the irritating sod in the first place) – or is it Bru, who carefully keeps Thunder alongside his buddy, so that if one of them blows up, the other will go too?! I appreciate the gesture, Bru, but it might be nice to leave Jessica with one of her parents still alive...

Anyway, home they go to the discovery that somebody has passed the news of Spence's feat on to the Press, who immediately hail him a hero. He even gets given a free trip to Disney World for him and Jessica, just in case the show hasn't quite given Disney enough advertising opportunities yet. Still, it's good news, for the sudden disappearance of Spencer to the theme park down the road leaves Bru to team up with Uncle Edward. And can I just say at this point that if Disney/MGM/whoever decided to make a Bru and Uncle Edward spin-off tomorrow, I'd watch it. Please. They're brilliant together, they really are. Amidst much arguing about their respective times in their respective Navies, they go off to find the wreck of the explodified boat from earlier, and find a briefcase at the bottom of the sea with some plans in it. Bru immediately recognises them as the designs for a fancy laser, which – shock! – Evil Richard Lynch is testing on innocent satellites. He's planning to blow up a space shuttle because... well I'm not sure why, but I'm sure he's got a good bad guy type reason. Bru and his computer figure it all out, and he goes hurtling off to Disney World in Thunder to steal Spence away. I love this sequence. It's so innocently nineties. If an unidentified boat – let alone a heavily armoured one – snuck up to Disney World by the back way nowadays, Homeland Security would probably blow it up. Anyway, off they race to save the shuttle from Evil Richard Lynch and his laser, because the authorities won't listen to them and call off the launch. Of course. That would be far too easy. Spence breaks into Evil Richard Lynch's evil house in order to try to stop him, whilst Bru does something complicatedly techy, but Spence promptly gets himself captured. Oh no! What is Bru to do?! Why, prove that he's learnt nothing since the last episode of course. Yes, he immediately abseils into a room full of bad guys with guns again; and, once again, they all predictably open fire. Happily he's as bullet-proof this time as he was last time, and manages to reach the ground level un-killed. As the laser countdown reaches zero, and the shuttle reaches The Point Of Utmostest Peril, Bru grabs a nearby... something... and uses it to deflect the laser beam. He nearly takes out Spence in the process, and Evil Richard Lynch, and half of Evil Richard Lynch's evil house, but he saves the shuttle. And all is well and good and fine. Hurrah!

Evil Richard Lynch.

Big shooty boat!


Wrestling a missile.
The makers of
Thunder In Paradise would like to request that you Not Try This At Home. Thank you.

Obligatory lack of clothing shot.

Evil Richard Lynch in Evil Eyewear.

Pretty laser!

Ziggy Stardust.

The Edward And Bru Show, part one.

The Edward And Bru Show, part two.

Go on, tell me you don't want that spin-off.
Actually, that's quite scary, isn't it.

Just how many changes of clothing does Bru keep on that boat?!

Evil minion wrestling.

Important Techy Moment that turns out to have no plot significance whatsoever.
Other than preventing Bru from walking into the same trap Spence did, I suppose.

More evil minion wrestling.

Bru deflects the laser and saves the shuttle. Hurrah!

Coming up next - the return of Hammerhead, and the boys start writing their own slashfic.


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Dec. 9th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
Yay! Bru's the big hero this time...well they certainly need to make him one, since Spence got all the attention and the free trip to Disney, so not fair. I take it Disney Produced this series? lol. As usual, your screencaps are hilarious, especially the ziggy stardust and spence flying through the air. So is this show only 20 episodes? That's like Voyagers, what a bummer. :(
Dec. 10th, 2009 10:54 am (UTC)
Twenty-two episodes, if you count the pilot as two. I think I must have counted it as one, so my numbers are off. Whoops.
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