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Thunder In Paradise #11

Pirates! Swords! Swords! Pirates! Yep, it's 1x14, "Plunder In Paradise". I like this one. Lots. :)

In this episode, a gang of pirates is menacing rich tourists off the coast of Paradise, stealing their jewels and their money. Spence and Bru attempt to give chase in Thunder, but the pirates are cunning sorts, and snatch some hostages, only to chuck them overboard when the boys get too close. Spence and Bru race up on deck, where, in a further display of Thunder's incredible powers, they immediately change into two completely different people, who dive overboard to dash to the hostages' aid. So it's all just another day in Paradise, then.

Ouch. Excuse me. Nasty Phil Collins moment there.

Meanwhile, there's a fellow named Billy Ray Cyrus, who has come from the big city to bury his grandfather's medicine bundle in the sacred burial grounds of their people. Actually he's called Billy Cyprus, but never mind that. Billy's people appear to be called the Ocelot tribe, but I'm sure that they can't be. Anyway, their sacred burial ground is also their secret burial ground, which is rather unfortunate when you have only until sundown to ensure the eternal peace of your grandfather's spirit. Note to self: ask grandfather whilst he's still alive if there are any secret burial grounds that I might need to know about. Fortunately, however, Billy Cyrus is in Paradise, where dwells a super genius and his super boat. Bru does some very clever thinking, and some even more clever typing, and then a bit of very clever knob-twiddling, and manages to work out which island the burial grounds must be on. However, there's trouble afoot. An Evil Frenchman is also in Paradise, and upon hearing about the burial grounds, decides that he must find them too, for there are sure to be treasures buried there. Yes, the Evil Frenchman is the leader of the pirate gang, and will stop at nothing to find great treasures. Therefore, not to be foiled by pesky details like not knowing where the burial grounds are, he embarks upon The World's Most Complicated Plan. This involves charming Kelly into going back to his place, so that Bru will get suspicious and follow, so that they can have a sword fight, so that the Evil Frenchman can lose, so that he can give Bru a golden medallion with a homing device hidden inside it. Really, I can think of easier ways. Following Thunder, for instance. It's hardly difficult to spot. Still – swords! Pirates and swords! Unnecessarily complicated Frenchmen aside, this is a Good Episode.

So, with Bru having figured out roughly where the burial grounds are, the gang all set out on an Adventure. But wait! For the burial grounds are supposedly protected by the legendary Giant Skunk Ape – which, needless to say, puts in an appearance not long after they land. Bru wants to fight it – er, Bru? As a rule, it's not a good plan to wrestle something with the word 'Skunk' in its name. If you catch my drift. Spence, however, has spotted that the 'ape' has a zipper up its chest, and points out that fighting it may be somewhat unnecessary. What they have found is in fact the local medicine man, who leads them to the burial grounds. The Evil Frenchman and his piratey minions are on their trail, however, and burst out of the undergrowth to surround them all! Oh no! Soon all the gang is tied up, with extra special bondage games for Bru. He's dangled above a boiling sulphur pit, with the ropes carefully arranged so that, if Spence tries to get free, he'll drop Bru in the pit. The pirates then begin digging again, only to be chased off by the Giant Skunk Ape. The Evil Frenchman then grabs Kelly and makes his escape, whereupon Spence deals with the cunning Bru Trap by hauling up the tree that they're both tied to by its roots. Personally I feel rather sorry for the tree, but I guess if it's the tree or Bru then it's not really much of a choice. Off they dash, but once again our dastardly pirate friend throws his hostage overboard. And this time, there's a crocogator on the loose! Spence leaps heroically into the water to wrestle what can only be described as a floating novelty rug, although naturally he doesn't kill it. Alligators are a protected species, after all – as are floating novelty rugs, obviously. With Kelly (and the alligator) safe, Bru dashes after his Evil French Nemesis, and the swords come out again! Hurrah! Around the house they hack and they slash, and then out onto the patio, before Bru wins with some decidedly unsporting footwork. Still, Evil Frenchman had it coming. Pirates, nil - Bru and the Giant Skunk Ape, seven. And one grandfather's spirit happily laid to rest. Hooray!

This one was a right sod to screencap, though. Fencing scenes do not like to be capped, and not only that. You try deleting pictures of Chris Lemmon dangling from a tree. It ain't easy.

That's really not my idea of what a pirate is supposed to look like.

And I've seen much better looking pirate ships, too.

Billy Ray Cyrus,
sans clothes. He does wear them for the rest of the episode, though, honest.

Jean le Fevre, Evil French Pirate.

Bru does not like Evil French Pirates. This is good news for the viewer.
Not least because it leads to...


On the island of the sacred secret burial grounds, the gang encounter the legendary Giant Skunk Ape.

Which, after some discussion, the boys decide not to wrestle.
Note Billy Cyrus in the background, with clothing this time.

The medicine man without his ape costume on.

Pirate Attack! Also featuring fan favourite Dangly!Bru.

I like Dangly!Bru.

Although Bru himself is less happy with the situation.

"Be silent, or I shall cut out your tongue!"
But I'm not going to say how I shall reach. That's a pirating trade secret.

Spence begins to get frisky with the tree.

Did I mention that I like Dangly!Bru?

Spence and Bru receive the news that the skunk ape that saved the day was not the medicine man,
as his zipper was stuck.

Yes, I've seen better pirate ships than that one, too.

Giant scary crocogator!

Giant scary crocogator wrestling!

Swords again!

More swords! And a suit of armour.

Have at thee, Evil Frenchman!

Nice archway.

Have at thee some more!

I think I'd better call it a day there, before PhotoBucket explodes. Sorry pardon. Next time, Thunder revisits its own pilot episode, with a plot made up of snipped bits. And there's some Cubans, although sadly none of them are Desi Arnaz.


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Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:57 pm (UTC)
This is the best one yet, never fails to crack me up! A lot to talk about here, I see! LOL. Floating novelty rug! That it was! I know the feeling with screencaps, but one can never have enough pics of Phineas Bogg (Or Jon for that matter)..I think my Flickr account is exploding, hehee, and I only have a handful of episodes capped. Love the Pirate!Richard icon. I need to make some real icons myself.
Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
Argh, yes. Screencapping "Voyagers!" was hell. It's all those great costumes, from all the eras that they visited. It doesn't help in keeping the number of pictures to a sensible amount!

Icon-making is fun. It'll help you make good use of all those pictures in your Flickr account, too. ;)
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