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Thunder In Paradise #6

In "Gettysburg: Change Of Address", Spence and Bru have been invited to take part in a war game by an old enemy of theirs. Well that's a situation that inspires confidence. An enemy invites you to fight with him for fun. Yep, that's going to end well. His name is Fitz, and after being thrown out of the Navy SEALs for being evil, he joined the Army instead, which doesn't really say a great deal for the Army, does it. Anyway, he and a group of his soldier friends want to fight a play battle with Spence and Bru for some reason that I must have missed. Why, it couldn't be because he's evil, and has other plans for Spence and Bru, could it? Surely not! Whilst scouting out the location of the planned battle, Spence and Bru meet an historical re-enactment society, busy acting out a scene from the Civil War. An accountant named George is playing the part of his great-something-grandfather, who died on that very spot one hundred and thirty years previously, shot in the back whilst trying to escape. George believes that he actually died a hero, but since the body was never found, all that he can do is dream. Spence is rather taken with him, anyway, and invites him and his two accountant friends to bolster the numbers in the war game. Let battle commence.

I have some issues with this. Now, granted Spence is a bossy sod, which Bru doesn't seem to mind. He takes orders from Spence all the time, which is a strange situation to be in with the guy you live with and are raising a daughter with, but hey, they're military types. However how come Spence gets to outrank Bru in the re-enactment?! He's a sergeant and Bru is a corporal, and I'm sorry, but I protest most strongly. Anyways, Bru wins the first battle for the good guys by dressing up as a woman, and distracting the enemy long enough for the South to take them all out in a rather neat ambush. There's trouble afoot, though, because the old enemy has secretly begun to replace his side's blank ammunition with real bullets. Well gosh, folks, whoever would have thought that a battle fought against an enemy with a real grudge would ever turn real?! When real mortars start raining down, Spence takes George, and sets off to Enemy HQ to warn them, although really, you'd think they'd have noticed when the real mortars actually turned out to be real, and really exploded really, and all that. I don't think they need to have it spelled out, Spence. Whilst they're off achieving nothing (save finding the body of George's great-however-many-times-it-is grandfather, and proving that he didn't die a coward after all), Bru takes on the entire American Army single-handed. Ish. Well, a few of them anyway. Spence then fights Fitz, with some help from GATOR, Bru's latest toy. I love GATOR. I don't remember what it stands for – something about attacking and robotics. He's adorable, though, and he reminds me of SID Junior from Galloping Galaxies!. Yes, yes, I know. Yet another show where I was the only viewer. What can I say? I'm idiosyncratic. Or I have lousy taste in television. One or the other. Anyway. GATOR is wonderful, and he herds Fitz into Spence's waiting arms. Game over.

Somehow I suspect that the real Civil War was rather less fun.

Baby SID! I mean GATOR.

In no way an overly dramatic family photo.

Evil Fitz, the evil former Navy SEAL, and now evil army officer instead.

Accountant George.

Spence has an extra stripe. See, this isn't fair. *grouse*

You can make puppy eyes at him all you want, Bru, but I don't think he's sharing that extra stripe.

The lovely Lady Bru.

Enemy soldiers.

The lovely Lady Bru struts her stuff...

... and gets the drop on the enemy.

Spence considers asking Bru to keep the dress.

Bru marshalls his troops, as they have the entire world to fight whilst Spence is... somewhere else.

The three of us are surely barrier enough against the entire army!

Yes we are, don't be silly.

Okay, maybe we're not.

You know, whilst you're stood around grinning, and showing off that extra stripe,
Bru is fighting the entire Civil War all on his own.

The return of GATOR.

GATOR poses rather nicely.
I like GATOR. :)

Wrestling Evil Fitz.

Next time, Scotland tries to take over the world. Or some of it does, anyway.


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Nov. 23rd, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
Galloping Galaxies.

Is that the one where Kenneth Williams voiced the computer (SID)?

See! If you watched it, I probably watched it.
Nov. 24th, 2009 12:06 am (UTC)
It's beginning to look that way, isn't it! Yes, that's the one. Created by the man behind Rentaghost, and also starring Robert Swales as a spaceship captain whose uniform consisted of black and neon pink. People dreaded being promoted to captain in that fleet...
Nov. 29th, 2009 01:42 am (UTC)
Funny! Lady Bru, hahaha. I don't know what got it in my head that they may have literally 'time traveled' back to the Civil War, LOL. Maybe cuz a crazy show like this would find some way to do this.
Nov. 29th, 2009 11:17 am (UTC)
I wouldn't have been at all surprised if they really had gone back in time! Had there been a second season, they probably would have done.
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