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Thunder In Paradise #3

In which we arrive at the point at which Thunder In Paradise really begins to go mental.

Up until now, Thunder In Paradise has been a fun, if daft, comedy action adventure series. Stuff blows up. People get thrown through the air by improbably musclebound types in tight clothing. Boats go very fast, and shoot at each other with grenade launchers and machine guns. And then, in episode four, presumably the writers decided that guns, explosions and wrestling weren't quite enough. They went one step further, and brought in magic. In "Strange Bru", a man with glowing red eyes leads his zombie army against Spence and Bru, who find themselves assisted in their battle by Kelly's new beach barbecue chef, Trelawney. Trelawney, in one of those fabulous coincidences that only tend to happen on screen, turns out to be an expert in voodoo. This almost makes sense at the moment, because she's currently from the Caribbean. In a few episodes time, when she suddenly starts being from Detroit instead, one does rather begin to wonder where she picked up all of her hands-on experience and expertise. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

An old flame of Spence's arrives in Paradise, on a giant motorcycle. Bru is horrified to see her, because last time she came she broke Spence's heart, and it was Bru who had to put all of the pieces back together again. Aw... (But they're Not Gay). This time, though, she's come to ask the boys to find her new (and missing) husband. Not that the fact that she's married stops either her or Spence from trying to rekindle old flames, which is a bit creepy, quite frankly. Especially since she's supposed to be worried about the poor fellow. Him being missing, and all. Turns out that he vanished on a local island renowned for its voodoo practioners, and Bru, being a scientist, immediately scoffs at the suggestion of magic. Trelawney warns them to be careful, but off they go anyway, and during a dive in search of Missing Husband's boat, they come under attack from underwater zombies. You've got to love a show that pits his heroes in a battle, not only with zombies, but with zombies at the bottom of the sea. :D Bru gets spiked with a speargun that puts a bolt right through his arm (which Spence then not very helpfully pulls out for him, thus pouring blood all over the place. Hello? Sharks?) but cheerfully dives into the underwater zombie wrestling match anyway. Well, you would, wouldn't you. You can't miss out on the chance of a zombie free-for-all on the seabed. I mean, how often do they happen? The zombies are beaten off, and Spence and Bru go home, only for Bru to begin hallucinating wildly. He decides that voodoo is for real after all, but Spence remains unconvinced. It's all jolly good fun, anyway. Chris Lemmon actually gets to do a bit of proper acting (briefly) when Bru thinks that he's covered with snakes. The whole episode is fun, actually. It's let down only by the romance between Spence and his former lady love, which is ridiculously unbelievable. It's clearly supposed to be tragic, but there's zero chemistry, and Hulk Hogan's broken and miserable look is pretty much the same as all of his other looks. Bru gets in some nice snarking with the woman, though. Note to writers: If you want one of your leads to be lovelorn and wistful, make it Chris Lemmon, and not Hulk Hogan...

In a bid to find out what really did happen to Missing Husband, Spence and Bru go back to Voodoo Island (it's not actually called that), and Spence goes ashore to battle with the zombie army. Bru stays back aboard Thunder, and fights his own battle against the hallucinations that are still bothering him, so that he can eventually come to the rescue and whisk Spence (and Zombified Missing Husband) away to safety at the last minute. Hurrah!

I love this show. It's completely and utterly mad.


This man may conceivably be evil. Or a Cylon. Or both.

Trelawney. Barking mad barbecue chef.

Spence is lovelorn and sorrowful. Bru is apparently not convinced. :D

What's a good way to help Chris Lemmon deliver technical information is a suitably dramatic fashion?
I know! Let's stand him on a fast boat, and hit him in the face with a high speed wind. That'll help.

Underwater zombies!

Wrestling with underwater zombies!

The ex.

Bru hallucinates that his arm is full of worms. Actually, speaking of which...

Arm kebab...

... and Bru demonstrating his amazing healing skills, by sporting nowt but a sticking plaster.
Spence refers to it as "just a scratch", and apparently the arm believed him. Cool.


Team Voodoo.

Yikes! again.

Wrestling with jungle zombies!

Bru's hallucinations try to prevent him from driving his boat. Gasp!

Next up, Arabian princes and magic carpets. Also, wrestling and blowing stuff up.


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Nov. 18th, 2009 10:24 am (UTC)
I can't stand when a show that's totally not about one thing, suddenly decides it needs that element..in this case, Voodoo..of course, it's always the 'voodoo,' or some ghost, or big foot or aliens out of nowhere...
Funny blog!!
Nov. 18th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
We get aliens in a later episode too! And a giant, fire-breathing, robot dinosaur.

I see your point, but half of the reason I like this show so much is because it's so completely insane. :)
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