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Serenity (movie version)

Started well. I like that Simon knew more about River's abilities this time around. Far better set up than him maybe finding out, x episodes down the line. Didn't immediately want to punch Malcolm, either, though that didn't last.

Got bored way before the end, though. Got hugely bored. Bored bored bored. Mind you, I'm not a fan of the Reavers. They're just about violence, and there's nothing entertaining in a bad guy who just slashes and bashes, and doesn't even speak. Chiwetel Ejiofor was cool, though.

And to the plot. Well, anything that focuses on Simon and River is welcome. Why bother picking up Inara? The woman is entirely pointless. Points, she does not have, and she does not have them in droves. They killed the Shepherd, which doesn't really matter, as he was as pointy-less as Inara. In the TV series they did hint that he wasn't a Shepherd, though, so it might have been nice to have found out what he actually was before he got deaded. Oh, and they killed Wash, but really, who noticed.

Kayley Fred-lite. Man is that woman annoying. Simon! Hands off! Just stay with the medical bag, it's safer. And probably nicer to cuddle.

So anyway, definitely coming to the conclusion that this whole franchise is not for me, although if they ever want to do that Simon And River: Space Fugitives spin-off, I'm in. Malcolm is a charmless lout, Jayne is a jerk, Zoe is boring, Wash is dead. (Though really, who noticed).

And how come Mr Universe's pre-recorded message was different when it played the second time?! "He stabbed me with his bayonet" became "He stabbed me with his sword." Clever, that. And yes, pointing out silly things like that is unfair. I just find this whole thing totally uninvolving, and I really want to like it so much more than I do.

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