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The Message

Started well. "My food is problematical." Sadly that was about as good as it got. I really can't begin to say just how interested I'm not in Zoe and Malcolm's wartime exploits, and clearly that also goes for their desperately annoying and whiny friends. Especially their desperately annoying and whiny friends who were also desperately annoying and whiny on Angel. And sadly there's no psycho-Wesley in space to blast the living daylights out of this one.

The tape that Whiny recorded was okay to listen to the first time. The second time it was annoying. The third time, heavily spaced out over the end of the episode, was enough to make the mute button look distinctly attractive. Other than that the story was mostly okay. As with "Our Mrs Reynolds", though, it seemed to take forever building up to an ending that then had to happen in three seconds flat in order to finish in time.

And Kaylee is starting to annoy me now. If you fall for a guy who is awkward in social situations, why get cross with him for being awkward in a social situation? Make your mind up. You either fancy him or you don't.

Basically I guess I'm not going to warm to any episode that sidelines Simon and River.

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