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War Stories

A right clunker. And that's about all.

Malcolm and Pointless Character 2 (er... Wash) get captured by Evil Accented Guy. There's torture, and presumably one has to care about either character for it to matter.

Simon gets a nice scene with Fairly Pointless Character at the beginning, Pointless Character 3 gets a sweet love scene with somebody I think may have been Jeri Ryan (or someone who looks like her), and River goes all mega-gun girl at the end. Though Kaylee (otherwise known as Fairly Pointless Character 2) doesn't look like she has any intention of telling anyone about it. Advance the bloody plot, you stupid woman! Speak!

And there's talk about never leaving without someone. And ears. And Malcolm dies, is shocked back into life, and instantly manages to kill one guy and have a big fight with another, but by that stage I was too numbed with boredom to care about how unlikely that was.

I'm sure Pointless Character 1 probably did something as well, since her husband was one of the ones who got captured, but I can't recall off hand. She argued with Jayne, probably.

You know, if they combined Jayne and Zoe (a ha! Remembered her name!) into one character, and Wash and Kaylee into another, the show would be more streamlined. They genuinely have no need of so many characters. Half of them never do anything.

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