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I like Jaynestown. Jaynestown has daylight.

Mostly a good episode, though not sure there's any real point in trying to give emotional depth to the great hulking man-ape. Inara seemed pointless again. Yes, her work helped them to break the land-lock, but that was such a tiny part of the story, resolved before it had a chance to create any tension, that there was no real need for it at all. And I'm still largely failing to see the point of Zoe and Wash. Book and River had some good scenes, though. I'm definitely with River over the hair.

Bit of a shame that the bad guy had so little to do. He had a nice build up, with the night-time release scene, and that ghastly little box that he had been kept in, but aside from beating up poor Simon, he didn't get to do anything much except growl a bit and then die. He seemed to exist solely so that the people of Jaynetown could find out the truth about Jayne, but since they clearly didn't care, and were prepared to die for him anyway, his entire existence can be boiled down to showing that people need heroes, no matter what those heroes might really be like. I'm used to more depth from a Joss Whedon production, I guess. The characters feel more like ciphers here. They don't have real identities.

"Out Of Gas" up next. The summary sounds coma-inducing, but we'll see.

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