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Silly space-age snooker game. Probably pool, actually. Still silly.

For some reason I hate the fact that Malcolm makes the others call him "Sir".

He's called Atherton Wing? Sounds like part of a hospital.

And turn the bloody lights on.

They love the colour red, don't they.

Woo. Daylight! *Blinks*

Why would the entire galaxy have turned into 1870s Arizona?

Oh dear. It's the annoying Cockney again. And they turned the lights off again...

Shoot. Jayne. Now.

Tee hee. Silly dress.

Not one of the people in that room seems to be dancing to the actual tune that's playing.

Jokes about buffet tables are good.

They're like butterflies?! Only if butterflies get drunk and dance in circles.

Oh look. Cordelia. Wild West semi-futuristic Cordelia. With cronies. And that bloke from LA Law.

Floating chandelier? There's a chandelier? Maybe it should stop floating and start lighting.

Has she got a necklace on back to front?

Malcolm The Jerk strikes again. And hospital wing guy looks familiar. If I ever remember to get around to looking Simon up on the imdb, I better try to remember to look up this guy too.

Isn't Simon supposed to be a secret? He's really got to stop welcoming guests onboard. One of them is bound to notice that he's there.

Swords are good. I like swords.

Simon, you've not quite worked out this "Keep out of sight" thing, have you.

Why is nobody taking advantage of this distraction? Oh. They wanted a distraction, but didn't use it, just so they could have a "Damn, we should have used that distraction" joke. Okay...

Whee! Sword fight! Stab Malcolm.

He stabbed Malcolm! Do it again!

Man, Malcolm is such a jerk. No Malcolm, you're not the better man. You cheated. Of course, the other guy is a jerk too, but that's no excuse.

More distraction jokes. They're not as good as buffet table jokes.

Kaylee keeps a pet dress in her bedroom?

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