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The darkness of this show is really beginning to annoy me. Just turn the lights on! How difficult can it be?! Anyways, this episode was much better. I still feel like I've seen the story a hundred times before, but it was all handled much better than the previous ones. I'm starting to realise what bugs me about it all, though. It's the art direction. The lighting, the style of camera work, and the directing itself. I find it really distancing. I'm trying to watch, Joss, but you're making it very difficult. And that's another thing that's annoying me. I don't love this. I love Buffy, and I love Angel. I expected to love this, and I don't. I feel like I'm watching the first thing Joss did. That this was what he practised on before coming up with Buffy and Angel. The jokes aren't as snappy, the plots aren't as good, the characters aren't as multi-layered. Why is he evolving backwards?

But annoying camerawork aside, and despite the fact that I loathe Jayne, and am not looking forward to the sure-to-be-coming episode that focuses on him, this wasn't a bad episode at all. Shame the dialogue is so bad. Tim Minear wrote this one, so I guess that lets Joss off the hook, but I'm still left thinking that this should be better. And I don't love it. There are times when I don't even like it very much. Come on, guys. You created Angel. Where's the emotion and the spark?

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