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The Train Job

Malcolm, why intentionally provoke an incident, and then tell the bloke to just ignore you? Prat. He really does come across as petty, which is unfortunate. Unless the point is that he's supposed to be really annoying, in which case well done, although it's not my cup of tea. And the spaceship is sooooo going to rise up out of that valley behind them.

I am now officially pissed off with the wobble-cam and wonky zoom direction. And this is the most annoying incidental music ever.

Nice chairs.

I really must look Simon up on the imdb. There has to be a reason why I keep thinking he's a bad guy.

Keep the sodding camera still.

Very pretty scenes in the train heist. The SFX are jolly nice. I feel like I've seen this storyline a million times before, though, even down to one guy escaping on the hoist, and the other two having to find another way out.

Jings. Malcolm actually has a conscience? Now I have to wait and find out if it's come in time to stop me thinking he's just a boorish jerk.

Oh for pity's sake, kill Jayne. And keep the sodding camera still in the process.

"Rutting"? That's not supposed to sound lame, is it. Or maybe it is. Oh dear. I really wanted to like this show. You're not making it easy, Joss...

Oh look. People with blue hands. That's nice.

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