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Serenity (Parts 1 & 2)

These episode reviews were not originally written for LiveJournal, but for the old Channel 4 forum. I stuck them up here when the old place ceased to exist, as it's handy to have them to refer back to at times. All reviews were written during my first (and currently only) viewing of each episode.


This is immediately reminiscent of the similarly styled (and similarly fated) Starhunter 2300 - and from the word go it's not half as good. This is a problem, as throughout this episode I'm left thinking of Starhunter 2300, and wanting to watch that again. For a whole bunch of reasons.

The characters are almost instantly unlikeable. This was half the point of Blake's 7, of course, so I'm not holding that against this. However Jayne has instantly put my back up. What a clichéd, annoying man. His dialogue is straight out of a Sylvester Stallone movie. Wash and his wife have nothing interesting about them yet, and the mechanic, whose name I haven't remembered yet, puts me in mind of Percy, the mechanic from Starhunter 2300 - and I'm still trying hard not to think of that show. The hooker shows promise, but the hints of a history and relationship between her and Malcolm are boring, and show a complete lack of originality.

So to the passengers. Book could be interesting. I hope. Simon I took to at first sight, which bothers me, as it probably means he'll turn out to be a bad guy. His sister shows promise as well, although the whole brain thing is once again putting me in mind of Starhunter 2300. As do the Reavers. And while we're on the subject of them - what is it with Joss Whedon wanting to rape people to death?! At least there's no suggestion of the Reavers offering to use a really bad Irish accent whilst doing it.

The plot. Okay, though again it's nothing original. It's the pilot, though, so there's exposition to get out of the way first, and it's unfair to judge it on that. We wind up on an outpost of civilisation, which is pretending to be the Wild West for some reason. I think maybe I've grown out of shows where lots of people blowing each other away seems entertaining, because all that gunplay left me cold. And given that the fight ends with one of the heroes shooting a horse, I'm definitely left distinctly unimpressed. Malcolm, are we supposed to compare you to Avon? I do seem to remember hearing that Joss Whedon is a fan of Blake's 7. Thing is, though, Avon has charisma. And I really don't like Malcolm.

And I really want to watch some Starhunter 2300 again.

Oh, and turns out that Simon maybe isn't a bad guy after all. In that case, maybe I'll get lucky, and everybody bar he and his sister will get mysteriously sucked out of an airlock in the next episode.

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