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Children Of Earth: Day Four.

I think that wins "Most Revolting Use Of A Child 2009". Yuck!

So I guess that's it for Ianto Jones. Odd. If you'd told me yesterday that he was going to be getting killed off, I'd have expected to be more sad. I am sad, but mostly just because of the disbanding of the old gang. I didn't find his death scene to be half as effective as that of Tosh, but then I did like her more. His death did seem to be missing something, though. I guess I just didn't find it dramatically satisfying, which is odd, as it was a damned fine episode that kept the pace up nicely throughout. The political shenanigans were handled nicely, Jack's murky past was dealt with well, and all the pieces slotted together very well indeed. And then Ianto died, and I'm left half expecting him to sit up and carry on as normal, because it just didn't feel like a death scene. Oh well. I shall miss him, but I suspect mostly for his relationship with Jack, rather than for him exactly. I like having a leading man with a boyfriend. It helps make Torchwood that bit special.

Still, this is a show about a man who's going to live forever. With Jack Harkness, no matter who falls by the wayside, life just can't help but go on. With viewing figures the way that they are, to say nothing of the AIs, there's a good chance that Torchwood will go on as well. I hope so.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here looking up at my season one Torchwood poster. Blimey. "Everything Changes", doesn't it...

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