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Of swashbuckling and time travel

I ran out of episodes of Adventurer. This left me worryingly bereft of swashbuckly things to watch, until I suddenly remembered Voyagers!. Hurrah! An entire boxset of swashlebucking! I bought it in the sales just after Christmas, and then forgot all about it in the general excitement of Laramie and various other things. I rescued it from the bottom of the pile, anyways, and have now watched the first few episodes. And it's so much fun! It's one that I've been wanting to watch for years, but to the best of my knowledge it never aired in the UK (or not in my region, anyway). It stars Jon-Erik Hexum, though, so it's one that I always hoped would get released one day.

Basically, Voyagers! is about a pirate. An eighteenth century pirate, who travels in time. That's pretty much the definition of cool. *nods* His job is to travel about through the centuries putting history back on track, which sounds a bit like Quantum Leap without the body-swapping. It's not, though. Voyagers! was conceived to be half action adventure show and half history lesson, so there's no fixing the lives of ordinary people here. It's all about helping famous historical figures to get to where they're supposed to be. In just the first three episodes there's already been Moses, the Wright Brothers, the Red Baron, Harriet Tubman, Spartacus, Benjamin Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt and Billy the Kid. Cowboys! Gladiators! World War One flying aces! The only real drawback is that Mr Swashbuckle, the show's nicely swaggering time-travelling piratey lead, is named "Bogg". Who the hell thought that one up?! It doesn't half kill the moment whenever his name is mentioned. I have to assume that the word doesn't have the same associations in America as it does in the UK.

He's an awesome lead, though. Somewhat reluctantly heroic, brilliantly slapdash, totally at sea in history, and without a clue where he's going or what he's supposed to do. Enter Jeffrey, a conveniently orphaned schoolboy, who's even more conveniently a history buff, and who gets accidentally abducted by Phineas (I'm sorry, but no way am I calling him Bogg) in the pilot. Jeffrey is one of those rare TV children who doesn't seem in need of a good punching. He's not very swashbuckly though.

I'm particularly impressed by how Phineas manages to begin every episode back in his pirate outfit, despite always having left it behind in some historical backwater. That's not quite as good as Manimal's clothes always managing to grow back, but it's getting there. American TV in the eighties had some seriously talented clothing.

Screencaps, then:


Riverboat Gambler!Voyaging.

Not sure. Probably Dramatic moment!Voyaging.

Gladiator!Voyaging. Or, if you prefer:

Gladiator-who-has-just-had-an-inexplicable-blow-dry!Voyaging. :D


Witch trials next, I think. I wonder if that means Salem? That would please the Days Of Our Lives fan in me, even though that Salem is in a different state.

I feel all educated now though, with all this historicky stuff on TV. I feel I should go and do something even more brainless than usual in order to compensate. Perhaps a visit to YouTube is in order. :)


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Nov. 7th, 2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
I think I found the last one!
I'm sorry for not going in order, lol. Inexplicable blow-dry Roman voyaging indeed! I believe they were going for the 'helmet hair' effect, haha.
Jeffrey is totally what I call 'Plot convenience playhouse' orphaned, mean relatives, nobody wants him, and he's super duper smart in History. It was meant to be! Nope, he's not swashbuckling, but he's got that red and white striped rugby shirt, I guess that could make him like a little pirate, right? And as you know by now, they totally named Phineas after Phileas Fogg..I actually appreciate 'Bogg' more than 'Fogg' (shudder!) But, when I write my stories, I prefer to call him 'Phineas' unless it's Jeffrey's POV or he's calling for him or something. Nahh, Jeffrey don't need a punching, just a stern talking to at times, but that he got.
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