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Hooray for gay cowboys

Aw, bless. Laramie is getting gayer and gayer. There's something really rather sweet in the way that Slim puts an arm around Jess and introduces him as "my partner", whilst the pair of them share a little smile. And if it really is just platonic then why, in a ranch of that size, do they share a bedroom?! Admittedly they don't actually share a bed, but then nobody did in American TV of this vintage. Desi and Lucy used to in I Love Lucy, until Lucy got pregnant. Then suddenly they had to sleep separately in case people got ideas. Other than that it was separate beds all the way. Slim and Jess have their beds a whole lot closer together than most fifties TV couples, though. And they wear a good deal less in bed too - unless one of them is away, in which case the other suddenly starts sleeping in an undershirt.

The signs are obvious. You know it's true. ;)

American TV was pretty weird back then, really. Blow people apart with gunfire; hack them apart in a swordfight; have your leading man flogged whenever possible; incinerate people with exploding barrels of gunpowder. That's all okay. But suggest that a married couple are sharing a bed?! Jeepers. That would never do. Still, clearly it was okay to have a gay couple fronting a family Western, so I guess it wasn't all bad...


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May. 19th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
This show just sounds more hilariously bizarre every time you mention it. Which, admittedly, has only been twice. But still!
May. 20th, 2009 10:03 am (UTC)
It's fun. :)

Sadly by season three (which is what I'm currently watching), the shooting schedule meant that episodes tended to focus on either Slim or Jess, rather than both together. I've just finished a run of episodes about both of them, though, and I think they were making up for having been apart for so long. ;)
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