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Spot That Dancer

What a peculiar evening. On video sites all over the internet, viewing figures for Geri Halliwell's cover of It's Raining Men just went through the roof, as several dozen fans of Lee Mead tried to spot El Curly in the background. There is, in case you were wondering, a limit to how much of that song any person can stand, and I know I crossed it. And that's a lot of dancers to try to sort through. A lot of high speed, bouncing dancers, in highly inadvisable costumes. They're trying to recreate Fame (the dancers, not the costumes. Though I suppose the costumes are helping), and the whole thing is manic. And not ideal for idenification purposes. Actually, I tell a lie. I did in fact identify Colin Firth and Hugh Grant - several times over, in both cases.

*rubs eyes* I am now far more acquainted with the anatomy of Geri Halliwell than I had ever expected to be. I have watched her wiggle and gyrate in the foreground far more often than I'd intended, whilst trying to spot things going on behind her. Not sure what any of it had to do with raining men. Girl enters audition, snogs panel, dances in street with passing, inadvisably dressed dancers. Very cheerful, when you don't have it on a loop, about six inches from your nose, whilst trying for no good reason to spot one person in the midst of it all. Thank goodness for Yahoo video having bigger screens than YouTube, or I think my eyes would have dropped out.

I think I may now be in line for a stupidity award. :)


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